Floyd Believes He Has The Edge

Floyd Mayweather has hinted that he was the man who had the psychological advantage at the chance meeting at a Miami Heat basketball game that put the May 2nd super-fight with Manny Pacquiao together. Referencing the encounter and also the physical differences between them, Floyd said;

“You can read a guy’s body language. When Pacquiao first saw me in Miami, he didn’t expect to see me there at the game. He looked shocked. Like – ‘damn, he’s taller than me. He’s bigger than what I thought I was’ ”

After that meeting in January and exchanging numbers, Mayweather visited Pacquiao in his hotel suite and the turning point in bringing together the fight was reached.

The richest man in boxing also insisted everything he set out to achieve through his aggressive self-promotion will culminate with this fight. It’s a fight that many expect him to win yet also want him to lose. But for Mayweather it’s the fulfilment of a long held ambition.

Of the record $100,000,00 he will earn on fight night, he said;

“Even from day one I wanted to work extremely hard to get to a certain point and be the first fighter to make 9 figures in one night. It took a game plan for me to go it alone. I was speaking out with a very loud voice and a lot of personality. But as you get older, you mature. After trash talking for 17, 18 years I’m now at the point where I can say it is what it is.”

“I’ve still got a lot of personality, but I did what I had to, to get to this point in my career.”

Patting himself on the back he said;

“It was a brilliant game plan”

There is no doubting, love or hate it worked, so credit where due. But it doesn’t come without the solid work and hours Mayweather has devoted to his craft over the years. However he appears, at this late stage of his fighting career to have mastered the delicate work/life balance. An extraordinary feat for an athlete of his stature. He said;

“When I come home, I leave boxing at the boxing gym. But when I’m there or when I go to train, I work, and I dedicate myself to the craft”

We have exactly 7 days ladies and gentleman. Let’s see if the dedication pays off against his most determined opponent yet.

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