Exclusive Joshua Clottey Interview: I Will Take On Anybody. I Can Take Anybody

By James Slater - 10/09/2018 - Comments

Former IBF welterweight ruler Joshua Clottey is not done yet. Far from it in fact. The tough, never-stopped warrior from Accra, Ghana who has rumbled with the very best – including Zab Judah, Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, Diego Corrales (RIP) and Antonio Margarito – is currently working out a new deal with top promotional outfit Star Boxing.

Clottey, 39-5(22) and recently celebrating his 41st birthday, will campaign as a 154 pounder and he says, boldly, how he will not only reign as a champion again, but that he will soon be ready to “take on anybody.”

Here, in a short and sweet interview, “The Grand Master” told this writer what his plans are:

Q: You are definitely not retired yet then? You will fight again?

Joshua Clottey: “No, I’m not yet retired, not at all. I’m still working out a new deal with Star Boxing. I will fight again soon.”

Q: You feel you can be world champion again?

J.C: “Yes I can. I will.”

Q: At 154 pounds, and next year?

J.C: “That’s right.”

Q: Who is the best at ’54 right now – Charlo?

J.C: “Yeah, and also Hurd, because he is a huge guy. But I will soon be ready and I will take on anybody. I can take anybody!”

So is Clottey still a force to be reckoned with, or not? One thing we do know is this: Clottey is always in shape for his fights and he has a granite chin. Also, aside from his admittedly poor showing against Pac-Man in 2010 (when he lost a wide decision and did not really open up), Clottey has always given his all in pursuit of victory. Last seen dropping a decision against the ever-tough Gabriel Rosado in December of 2015, Clottey has never strayed far from a gym and he is sounding as hungry as ever.

I for one am glad to hear the African warrior is soon to be back and that he means business. Don’t rule against Clottey fighting for, and winning, another major belt before he’s done.