Evander Holyfield – Vitor Belfort To Go Down In Miami, Florida

If the now called off (maybe for good, maybe not) Oscar De La Hoya-Vitor Belfort fight was tough to predict going in, what on earth can we expect to see when Evander Holyfield squares off with the MMA legend? As fans know, 48 year old De La Hoya is recovering from COVID-19 and he had to withdraw from this Saturday’s bout (September 11) and now 58 year old Holyfield has agreed to step in and face Belfort.

The California Commission doesn’t like the idea, in fact it said no way to the idea, so the fight has been moved to Miami, Florida, so reports Yahoo! Sports. The Hard Rock in Miami will host the action. But what kind of a fight will this one turn out to be? There have been a number of big-name exhibition bouts and celebrity bouts taking place these past few months, and plenty of hardcore boxing fans don’t like it at all. The sport, a good many people have said, has turned into a joke, and a bad one at that. (upcoming bouts, along with Holyfield-Belfort, include: James Toney, aged 53, against Jeremy Williams, aged 49, and Riddick Bowe, aged 53, against Lamar Odom)

Now we have a 58 year old, once truly great heavyweight, one who has not fought professionally for over a decade, returning to the ring. Holyfield-Belfort could prove to be one big embarrassment. On the other hand, Saturday’s fight could turn out to be a good, exciting affair. But if a man of almost 60 is allowed to enter the ring, well, has a line been crossed? Holyfield (who was supposed to fight Irishman Kevin McBride in an exhibition bout that might have proven truly ghastly) has kept himself in good physical condition, but has he got any speed, any snap on his punches these days? And how scary is the thought of a nearly 60 year old man taking a heavy shot (or shots) to the head?

Like it or not, we’re going to find out.

Holyfield, 44-10-2(29 and the only four-time heavyweight champ in history, was deemed shot way back in 2003/2004 when he was losing, and losing badly, to James Toney and Larry Donald. “How can he be allowed to fight?” fans asked, the letters pouring into the boxing magazines of the day. And now, in 2021, here’s Evander again. You cannot help but admire Holyfield’s fighting nature, his seemingly unquenchable desire for action, but who is looking out for him? What if Holyfield gets hurt, in either Saturday’s fight or in possible future bouts?

Indeed, where will all of this end?

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