Errol Spence, Conor Benn Go At It On Social Media

By James Slater - 02/24/2023 - Comments

Now that his name has been cleared – whether or not you buy the ‘he ate too many eggs and that’s why he flunked a drugs test’ line is up to you – Conor Benn is looking at resuming his career ASAP. The British welterweight is expected to take his show on the road, and there is some talk of a possible fight with “retired” living legend Manny Pacquiao in Abu Dhabi.

But the unbeaten Benn has got into a war of words with welterweight champion Errol Spence. Spence, who holds all the belts bar one at 147 pounds, went to war with Benn on social media this week, the two swapping nasty insults. Spence is currently in training, we think for a fight with Keith Thurman, but the reigning WBA, IBF, WBC champion found the time to respond to the message Benn sent him.

“@ErrolSpenceJr you been talking to the most……and well I am reinstated in the WBC. I’ll have you next! You worry about handling your drink driving convictions. Wanker,” Benn wrote.

Spence has of course been involved in two pretty nasty car smashes. Spence, 28-0(22) shot back at the 21-0(14) Benn.

“Drinks & PED two different things, difference between me & you I owed up to my shit you a cheat just like yo daddy,” Spence wrote.

Spence then sent a follow-up message:

“Fighters in top 5 should have to do year round drug testing PEDs only tho. Make it mandatory to even get in top 5 & at least 10 tests random per year with a once a year hair test.”

Plenty of people are of course unhappy with the reason put forth for Benn testing positive for clomifene, Spence clearly among those who doesn’t accept it. Spence is a level or two above Benn right now, but maybe this potential grudge match could happen one day down the road. But maybe you are unsure over whether or not Benn is deserving of the massive payday that would go along with such a fight? It will likely take some time for Benn’s name to be back in good favour with all fight fans – if this ever happens.

Spence, though, went too far when he referred to Benn’s daddy as a cheat. Nigel Benn never took any illegal stimulants during his career, at least not that anyone knows of.