Erislandy Lara picks Canelo to defeat Golovkin on September 17th

By Michael Collins - 05/26/2022 - Comments

Erislandy Lara is siding with Canelo Alvarez to defeat Gennadiy Golovkin by a split decision in their trilogy fight on September 17th on DAZN PPV.

Golovkin could pull off the upset now he’s coming up in weight to 168, which should give him more energy against Canelo.

This is a long overdue move by Golovkin in going up to super middleweight because he’s looked totally drained in making weight for his fights in the last three years.

Interestingly, Lara feels that Canelo and the 40-year-old Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) are both still in the primes of their careers.

Based on their last performances, most boxing fans would disagree with Lara bout Canelo & GGG still being in the zenith of their careers.

Canelo (57-2-2 39 KOs) might have a little bit more left in the tank than Golovkin, but not much.

The Mexican star’s work rate has dropped off to just a trickle of punches per round, and he’s shown stamina issues in his last three fights.

Canelo lost badly to WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol on May 7th, and likely would have been beaten soundly in his two prior fights if he’d been matched against good super middleweights like David Benavidez & David Morrell Jr.

Alvarez showed fatigue in his bouts against IBF 168-lb champion Caleb Plant last November, and WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders.

“I think both fighters are still at the top of their game,” Erislandy Lara said to DAZN about Canelo & Golovkin.

“Canelo is in his prime, and GGG has always been a fighter that keeps his body in great shape. It’s going to be a good fight, but I’m leaning toward Canelo to win by split decision.”

“Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin on September 17th in the third installment of this epic trilogy at 168 pounds for all the titles at super middleweight,” said Chris Mannix to DAZN’s JABS.

“This means Canelo is bypassing an immediate rematch with Dmitry Bivol,” Mannix continued. “Is that the right decision by Canelo?”

“Yes, that’s the right fight, and everyone knows it because they’re going to be fighting for all the belts at 168 for undisputed,” said Sergio Mora, agreeing with Canelo selecting 40-year-old Golovkin as his next opponent over an immediate rematch with Bivol.

“They’re be fighting for all the marbles, all the belts, and GGG is going to be going up to a weight division where I think he’s going to be more comfortable now that he’s an older fighter.

“Everyone wants to rag on him now that he’s 40-years-old, but he’s coming off an impressive victory [over WBA middleweight champion Ryota Murata on April 9th].

“Yes, he looked vulnerable, but what fighters don’t look vulnerable the older they get? Canelo looked vulnerable, and he’s coming off a loss against Bivol. So, I think this fight is exciting because they’re rivals.

“Anytime you have two guys that have this bitterness towards each other, this familiarity where they know each other so well, and they’re tired of each other’s faces. Trilogies usually end in a decisive manner, and it’s usually with guys that are past their good days.

“The greatest trilogy of all time, the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’ in 1975, [Muhammad] Ali wasn’t in his prime. Joe Frazier wasn’t in his prime, and we got history. We didn’t need Wilder and Fury trilogy; we got the fight of the year.

“I think that’s what we’re heading with Golovkin & Canelo because they know each other too well, and they’re bound to explode on each other. I’m excited, and everyone should be excited. Forget the haters; this is going to be history,” said Mora.

“I don’t think we’re going to disagree too much on this topic,” said Mannix on the Canelo vs. Golovkin III fight on September 17th. “This makes sense for Canelo from a boxing perspective because he is returning to a weight class that he’s more comfortable in.

“If we learned anything from that fight with Dmitry Bivol is that Canelo is not a full-fledged 175-pounder. 168, for now anyway, is probably his ceiling. It makes sense from a financial perspective.

“There is no more marketable fight in boxing right now than Canelo-Golovkin part three. Some of the boxing purists out there will point out there will point out that Golovkin is 40-years-old and Canelo is still in his prime.

“This is going to be a heavily favored Canelo type of fight, but the mainstream boxing fans, the average boxing fans, the ones that paid big money to watch the first two fights between Canelo and GGG on pay-per-view, they are going to be interested in seeing these two settle this rivalry.

“On top of that, the loss to Bivol [for Canelo] might have increased the intrigue even more [for the Golovkin trilogy]. Gennadiy Golovkin, even though he has looked vulnerable in recent fights, is 4-0 since he lost to Canelo back in 2018 [by a questionable 12-round majority decision].

“Meanwhile, Canelo ran straight through the super middleweight division, but he’s coming off a fairly decisive loss to Dmitry Bivol [on May 7th]. So some may look at the playing field being leveled a little bit, and you mention the weight.

“It’s remarkable, quite frankly, that Golovkin has made 160 for the vast majority of his professional career. Almost all of his fights have come at 160 pounds, but moving up in weight makes this fight a little more interesting.

“Maybe Gennadiy doesn’t have to cut weight quite as much and isn’t as vulnerable to those body shots quite as much. It makes it a little more interesting between these two guys.

“So, yes, smart move by Canelo Alvarez. Dmitry Bivol is going to be there down the line. Gennadiy Golovkin, settle that business now,” said Mannix.

“I agree, Canelo is going to be the betting favorite, but Golovkin is going to be fighting for the chance of undisputed, and yes, he’s been a career-long middleweight,” said Mora.

“Those extra pounds actually help an older fighter. When you don’t have to dehydrate and dwindle down to a weight that you haven’t been fighting your entire career, you can apply muscle and actually work on your body instead of just your training and the technique & the punches, and everything else.

“You can work on your body, your size, and your strength. These are things that Golovkin hasn’t had the advantage to do at 160. 168 is going to make sense. Both of these guys know each other too well.

“It’s going to be explosive, and it’s going to be a marketable fight, as you said. It’s going to bring the casual fans. That’s what matters when it comes to these big events that the world is watching.

“You need the casual fans; you need the mom & pops, you need the young & the old, and everybody. That’s why this fight is one of the biggest fights in boxing, said Mora about the Canelo vs. GGG trilogy match on September 17th.

“Gennadiy Golovkin is one of the longest-reigning middleweight champions in boxing history and has never been undisputed,” said Mannix. “This is his chance to be undisputed at 168 in just one fight.”

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