Video: A look back at Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera I

By Rummys Corner - 08/16/2016 - Comments

Mexican legends Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera both participated in one of the most memorable trilogies in boxing history, where each man put it all on the line while exhibiting incredible heart, determination, courage, and elite boxing talent. But before these two had even had their first bout against each other, an out of the ring rivalry had already been brewing where each man jockeyed for the coveted position of Mexico’s top pugilist.

Their first bout took place February 19, 2000. This was an epic war that was undoubtedly the best fight of the trilogy. Both of the Mexican warriors engaged in a 12 round brutal affair that was a back and forth seesaw battle. Morales was awarded a split decision victory from the official judges, but many observers felt that Barrera had done enough to deserve the win. The vicious nature of the competitive encounter left the impression that there was still unfinished business between these two elite boxing talents.

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Morales and Barrera would finally have their rematch on June 22, 2002. While this one was much more of a tactical affair than their first encounter, there was still some heated exchanges and explosive fireworks throughout the contest. This time Barrera was awarded a unanimous decision victory by the official judges. And once again there was some debate over who won, and a large faction of dissenters believed Morales did the better work. It continued to feel like these two had unfinished business with each other.

Their third and final bout happened on November 27, 2004. Barrera was once again awarded a decision win, this time by majority decision. The majority of the viewing public seemed to feel the judges got it right this time, and even though Morales and Barrera weren’t on the same level they had been when first they met, they still both exhibited the same type of heart and determination that made their first bout – and their trilogy as a whole – so memorable.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner takes a look back at that first epic battle between the two Mexican greats. Please watch and enjoy!