Eddie Hearn On Tyson Fury’s “Sent Contract To Joshua”: “His Team Have Not Sent Any Contract To Us Or Or Anthony Joshua”

By James Slater - 05/27/2023 - Comments

Just what is going on with Tyson Fury? These past few days, we’ve heard talk of the reigning WBC heavyweight champ fighting Demsey McKean or Jai Opetaia. Or Anthony Joshua. Yesterday, news (if you wish to call it that) broke of how Fury has “sent a draft contract to Anthony Joshua” this for a possible September showdown between the two British stars, the fight to take place at Wembley.

Fury wrote on social media how this time he is “not gonna make a million vids & keep putting pressure on.” Fans will of course remember how, when a Fury-AJ fight was supposedly in the works for December of last year, Fury did indeed put out countless videos urging Joshua to “sign the contract, sign the contract.” Back then, Fury knew a fight of that magnitude would not/could not be agreed and signed in the short space of time – Fury setting a “deadline” – Joshua and his legal team had.

So, news came yesterday of an actual contract having been sent to Joshua. Was it legit this time, or was Fury just talking yet again? Well, according to Eddie Hearn, it seems it’s the latter. Speaking with Boxing Social, Hearn said there has been “no contract sent to us or to Anthony Joshua.”

Joshua, Hearn said, “does not take him (Fury) seriously.” Who can blame him!

“There’s definitely no contract. His team have not sent any contract to us or to Anthony Joshua,” Hearn said. “So I’m not sure what he’s talking about there. George Warren did email on Wednesday saying that they’d be interested to look at the fight for September. I then called him, we had a chat, and explained the situation. We’re negotiating for the Deontay Wilder fight. We’re waiting on a finalized offer. We’re fighting in August (against TBA). But, of course, the Tyson Fury fight is a fight that we love. When I talked to AJ last night he says, ‘Isn’t he fighting that Jai Opetaia, or Demsey McKean?’ From AJ’s point of view, he’s fighting in August and then in December. If that falls apart he’ll definitely look at the Tyson Fury fight, but……he doesn’t take him seriously.”

Look for Fury to release some new video over the coming hours, in which he either goes on a foul-mouthed rant at Hearn and Joshua, or announces another fight, or both. But with Fury, is anyone listening any longer? Fury seemingly changes his mind every other day, and as a result, it’s impossible to believe a word he says.

Why would Fury say a contract has been sent to Joshua when this seemingly is just not the case? Your guess is as good as mine. As it is a guessing game and nothing more when it comes to who, when, and where Fury will fight next.

As for AJ, let’s hope he does box in August, maybe against Dillian Whyte, and that he then goes ahead with that monster fight with Wilder. Where this would leave Fury, we just do not know. Do you even care at this stage?