Dubois’ Trainer Don Charles Tells “Insecure” Jarrell Miller, “Make Sure You’re Clean”

By James Slater - 11/16/2023 - Comments

Don Charles, the trainer of heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois, has spoken about his concerns Jarrell Miller will “be clean” going into the December 23 fight “Big Baby” will have with Dubois. Yesterday, at the official press conference to announce the “Day Of Reckoning” card, which will feature eight fights in total, things got heated as Miller began taunting Dubois, saying he will do this and do that when fight night comes, Miller stating that he will send Dubois into an “early retirement.”

Charles was heard shouting “make sure you’re clean” at Miller, this of course being a reference to the failed drugs tests Miller has had during his career. Charles, speaking with ProBoxTV after yesterday’s presser, said that Miller’s bluster is a sign if insecurity, while the trainer also insisted that Miller be strictly tested going into the fight next month.

“What I find with people who are so vocal, they are usually insecure individuals,” Charles said. “It’s a cover, that’s a shield, that’s how they deal with their fears and insecurities, so I for one, don’t read anything into it. And he’s [Miller] wasting his time. Daniel doesn’t care at all, with any kind of garbage talk. Daniel does his talking in the ring. Most definitely [we will have strict drugs testing for this fight]. The lawyers, everybody is involved here. We would not have taken this fight unless certain stipulations were in place, because obviously we want to have a fight on an even playing field. We don’t want anything afterwards, like, ‘He’s been caught again!’ I mean, how many times is this guy going to get caught before he gets a life ban?”

Indeed. Miller absolutely has to keep himself clean now, and not just for this fight but for any others in the future. This of course should go without saying, but Miller has been popped more than once, and not just in boxing, in MMA also.

Frank Warren says strict VADA testing will be done on all fighters appearing on the card in Riyadh and that Miller, should he test positive for anything, will not fight.

“They’re all being tested by VADA and he is licenced by Nevada,” Warren said when on the subject of Miller. “And if anyone fails a test, they won’t fight.”

Now that Miller will remain clean, we hope at least, how dumb would he have to be to take anything illegal now, it will be interesting to see how he fights on December 23. A huge guy, Miller has shown a good engine for someone so hefty. But was that engine ‘assisted’ in any way? With a good, clean fight taking place next month, between two big men in Miller and Dubois, who wins and how?

Miller has his critics and rightly so, but this is an interesting match up.

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