Documentary: Every Muhammad Ali Fight

By Charles Jackson - 01/31/2024 - Comments

At the top of the mountain, always, sits one. There can only ever, truly, be one. This is the one. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, his bike would be stolen and, in desire to assure it never happened again, young Clay would take up boxing. It would turn out to be the birth of a king.

For 21 career years, he captivated the boxing world en route to becoming bigger than the sport itself, a fact that remains true today. His resume includes names you can find on all-time great listings amongst fans of the sweet science. He has been the subject of numerous documentaries, films, and other works of entertainment; nothing like what you are about to witness, however. The best of the best footage, documentaries, fights, promos, and more have been combined into one super film.

This film aims to cover every single Muhammad Ali fight in the best possible detail in and out of the ring, integrating the exploits of the man against the social culture of the time. The mark of a true champion, a true great, is their performance in adversity. When your back’s against the wall, will you fly or fold? Surely, Mr. Ali was no stranger to struggle; from his vulnerability to the left hook, to his war against the United States government in refusal to be drafted, to his wings being clipped by rivals Frazier and Norton, to his losing battle against his failing health, Muhammad Ali was a warrior, through and through. A talkative one, but nonetheless a warrior. Is it arrogance if you can back it up?

In this work, you’ll find all the familiar notes, but also some new tunes. Ali’s life has been under the microscope for ages, and we’re diving in. So from the aftermath of his 1960 Olympic Gold Medal to his final curtain against Trevor Berbick in 1981, let’s enjoy “Every Muhammad Ali Fight”, a premium BoxingPedia production like you’ve never seen before.

The stars of the show are Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ernie Terrell, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, George Foreman, the Greatest himself, and many more of the usual suspects from the Golden Age. The settings are likewise: Miami Beach, Madison Square Garden, Zaire, Manilla, among others.

Written, edited, and produced by TheCharlesJackson, author of the Boxing Encyclopedia. From my heart to yours.

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