Dillian Whyte slams Andy Ruiz Jr over performance against Chris Arreola

WBC interim heavyweight champion Dillian ‘The Body Snatcher’ Whyte let Andy Ruiz Jr know today what he thought of his less than world-shattering victory over 40-year-old Chris Arreola last Saturday by calling him a “waste.”

The highly talked-about comeback for former IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Ruiz (34-2, 22 KOs) last weekend against tune-up opponent Arreola (38-7-1, 33 KOs) was a near disaster for him, as the over-the-hill fighter surprisingly dropped him.

Arreola has been past his best for the last eight years since being destroyed by Bermane Stiverne in the first of their two rights in 2013.

“Andy ‘Destroyer,’ you are a waste. Man, you couldn’t stop Chris [Arreola],” said Dillian Whyte on social media in trashing Ruiz over his poor effort against 40-year-old Arreola. “Chris is light work now. S****.”

Interestingly, Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) didn’t call out Ruiz, which would have been the logical thing to do. Ruiz wants to take two more fights before challenging the Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury clashes winner.

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Whyte would be an excellent option for one of Ruiz’s two matches, preferably his next one in the summer. Currently, Deontay Wilder and Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz are two names that are being mentioned as options for Ruiz’s next fight.

Since the Stiverne fight, Arreola had been obliterated by Stiverne in a rematch, a one-armed Deontay Wilder and Adam Kownacki.

That’s why it was a surprise to see Arreola dropping Ruiz in the second, hurting him in the third with a right hand, and giving him trouble the entire way.

Andy Ruiz Jr, Chris Arreola, Dillian Whyte - Boxing News

Ruiz won the fight by a 12 round unanimous decision by 118-109, 118-109, 117-110. However, most boxing fans saw the Ruiz-Arreola contest a lot closer than the set of scores turned in by the judges.

The way Ruiz looked last Saturday, Whyte would be a step too far for the former IBF/WBA/WBO champion.

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This would be a match-up for Ruiz if he were to take the fight with Whyte, and that’s why it’s unlikely that he and his promoters would agree to it. Whyte has already attempted to set up a match with Ruiz but to no avail. The interest wasn’t there.

Ruiz’s fans blame his performance against Arreola on his 17-month layoff from boxing as well as his 60-pound weight loss, but that might not be the true reason.

In reality, Ruiz was never the type of super talent that would roll over a heavyweight like Arreola. At 6’2″, carrying 30 lbs of excess fat on his 257-lb frame, Ruiz isn’t a big heavyweight. He’s more of a medium-sized heavyweight like the 6’2″, 225-lb Alexander Povetkin.

When you factor in that Ruiz is carrying around 30 extra pounds of fat on his frame, he’s the same size as Povetkin.

With Ruiz’s limited size, he’s not going to dominate fighters like Arreola, and he’s over-matched against the super heavyweights like Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, and Tyson Fury.

Andy Ruiz Jr, Chris Arreola, Dillian Whyte - Boxing News

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Most boxing fans would agree that Ruiz got lucky when he stopped Joshua in their first fight in June 2019, taking advantage of the British heavyweight getting careless after he’d dropped him hard in the third. If not for Joshua getting reckless, he likely would have dominated Ruiz.

If Whyte wants a fight with Ruiz, now is the time to start calling him out because his schedule is open right now. Ruiz needs a high-quality opponent for his next contest on Fox Sports PPV. Fox likely won’t be agreeable to Ruiz fighting another lower-level heavyweight in the class of Arreola.

If Ruiz wants to continue to fight on pay-per-view, he needs to fight opposition that the American public has heard of before and respects. He won’t be able to trot out another old guy for his next fight and be taken seriously.

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  1. It’s best this way , at least I know my comments are being read by someone who knows boxing .

  2. William Whyte will fight Deontay Wilder , he is not afraid , he should be after the things he said about Deontay Wilder .

  3. Fosho ,
    Don’t underestimate Dillian Whyte , the guy that uppercut him so soundly was a world champion . At least Dillian Whyte has the courage to face the challenge .
    Dillian Whyte , keep on facing the best , if you fight you’re going to get hit .
    Dillian Whyte will continue to get his block knocked off , you have my respect for stepping up while others are running .
    Damn you are inspiring .
    We’re going to have some great fights this year .
    Well don gentleman !

  4. I could have a fair trilogy with A Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder
    I could have a fair trilogy with Wilder

  5. Horse hair gloves shift when punching walls , that is why the camera was shut down . It’s illegal .

  6. The left glove had an egg weight sticking out of it and the right glove had no padding in the knuckle area .
    Do you want proof ?
    It’s all cought on film .

    • When you get older you’ll understand .
      Fight Deontay Wilder again .
      The criminals who fixed this fight would not get away with it in the UK .

  7. The arbitration has already been decided in favor of a trilogy .
    Mr. ,” waste of genetic material .” will be a good consultant for fury to find a way out of Deontay Wilder bout .
    Brilliant how you act imbecilic when you’re really smart , just make sure you speak slowly to him and in english so he will attempt comprehension .

  8. Dear Mr waste of genetic material ,
    We except your appology , it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong .

    • Is there any truth to the vicious rumor circulating manchester that Mr. ” waste of genetic material” , is an immature poo poo pants ?

  9. These comments are entertaining… Mongoloids who have barely a command over the english language, boxing inside the ring, or the business of the sport, please continue to grace us with your insights. I offer a Golden Corral buffet voucher and a night at a Holiday Inn to the most relevatory commenter, coming to us live from either his parents’ basement or his single wide trailer. GO!

  10. Deontay Wilder has the height,reach and more power than most Super Heavyweights.
    Nobody compares to the power he generates in his straight right hand.

  11. Dillian Whyte.,
    I like you , Dillian Whyte’s a legitimate bad ass .
    Good thing eddie Hearn won’t allow you to fight Deontay Wilder because Deontay Wilder wants to fight you .

  12. Therefore :
    You will likely see Andy Ruiz vs Dillian Whyte somewhere that medical exemption forms for steroids are allowed

    • Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder will continue to be
      avoided by any means necessary .
      By process of elimination :
      1. Deontay Wilder is the baddest man on the planet , the people’s champion .
      2. Luis Ortiz is the second best heavyweight boxer on the planet , Luis king Kong Ortiz , the boogie man .

    • Funny how dillian whyte can say anything didn’t that uppercut teach him a lesson talking about waste at least ruiz got back up

  13. Therefore , Eddie Hearn will not allow :
    1. Anthony joshua to fight —
    a. Deontay Wilder
    b. Luis Ortiz
    2. Andy Ruiz to fight :
    a. Deontay Wilder
    .b. Luis Ortiz
    3. Canelo Alvarez to fight :
    a. Anthony David Benavides

  14. Andy Ruiz’s promotor is Eddie Hearn .
    Andy Ruiz’s trainer is Eddy Reynoso .
    Dillian Whyte’s promotor is Eddie Hearn .
    Canelo alvarez’s promotor is Eddie Hearn .
    Canelo alvarez’s trainer is Eddy Reynoso .

    • Anthony joshua , canelo alvarez , Dillian Whyte and Andy Ruiz are all promoted by Eddie Hearn

  15. Both Deontay Wilder in the second fury fight and Anthony Joshua in the first Andy Ruiz fight we’re heavily drugged .
    Panic attack my arse .
    There’s an ever and long standing corruptive evil presence in gambling on fixed fights on a sure thing .

  16. The only one that Andy Ruiz will fight is Dillian Whyte .
    Perhaps a Chris Arriola rematch .
    Andy is going to make a lot of money .
    As long as you avoid Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz .

    • How is Deontay Wilder a super heavyweight fighting furymatn 213 pounds and 212.. 5 pounds respectively.?

    • Deontay Wilder wants to fight fury , after that epic clash between two titan’s Dillian Whyte should step in and show he belongs in the mix , Ortiz and Ruiz as well .
      The world is in for some really great fights this next year .
      I can’t wait to watch all of this incredible talent .
      What an era to be a boxing fan .

    • We can’t blame fury for cheating , Deontay Wilder scared him .
      He is embraced now that everybody knows what he did .
      At least he isn’t held accountable .
      It hasn’t cost him a thing .

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