Dillian Whyte Calls Out Deontay Wilder, “Come See Me Fraud Clown”

Dillian Whyte has again called out Deontay Wilder. Whyte has also laid into the former WBC heavyweight champion, calling him a “coward” and daring him to “come see me.” Whyte took to social media to taunt Wilder, who he wants to fight next having recently avenged his KO loss to Alexander Povetkin.

“I want to punish @bronzebomber the Coward is full of fear. Come see me fraud clown,” Whyte wrote.

It will be extremely interesting to see whether or not Wilder responds in any way. Whyte knows this is the biggest fight out there for him right now, waiting as he is to get a hoped for shot at the eventual winner of the two Tyson Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua fights that are planned for/hoped for this year. Eddie Hearn has been almost desperate to make a Wilder Vs. Whyte fight for some months now. Now, with Whyte heaping additional pressure on Wilder, will we be any closer to seeing this guaranteed explosion of a heavyweight explosion take place?

The bigger question seems to be, where is Deontay Wilder? Aside from coming out and giving a few wild interviews with various internet sites, in which he accused Fury of all manner of things, Wilder has been living an almost reclusive life these past few months. Will this latest taunt from Whyte stir Wilder’s fighting pride and see to it that he agrees to fight Whyte? If so, it could turn out to be a case of Whyte being made to regret what he wished for. Still, who knows if Wilder has any desire to fight left in him, but so many people – fans, promoters, fellow fighters – sure want to see him back in the ring.

The longer Wilder leaves it (it’s been almost 14 months since Wilder last boxed), the harder it will be for him to come back. And the longer Wilder remains in exile, the harder it will be for us fans to believe he will ever come back.

Who wins if Wilder does come back and fights Whyte? And who will you be rooting for if the two big punchers do collide in a ring some time this year?