Did Canelo Vs Briedis Just Get Real? Cruiser Champ Offers Canelo A Fight

11/09/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

All that talk of Canelo Alvarez maybe going up to cruiserweight in search of a fifth world title in as many weight divisions, dismissed as just that, talk, by many, might prove to be more than mere hot air. Mairis Briedis, a current champ at 200 pounds – in fact, Briedis is seen by most as the best cruiserweight boss right now – has obviously heard the talk of Canelo maybe invading his weight class.

Taking to his instagram page, the Latvian warrior put up a mock fight poster featuring his likeness along with that of Canelo’s, while underneath, Briedis wrote:

“Doesn’t seem like @canelo will land a levelled fight at SMW or LHW. What a machine! Ready to test the waters at CW for a proper challenge?”

A Canelo challenge of Briedis would be far more than a testing of the waters. It would, as the never-stopped IBF cruiserweight champ wrote, a real challenge. Not that Canelo has been taking anything but real challenges. But can Canelo win a belt at 200 pounds? Will Canelo take Briedis’ challenge? Should he?

I don’t know about you, good reader, but Canelo vs. Artur Beterbiev and Canelo vs. GGG III aside, a Canelo assault on the cruiserweight division – especially if the assault goes in Briedis’ direction – is one of the most interesting, arguably fascinating fights that could take place next year.

It would be a real fight if Canelo took on the bad ass from Russia; the unbeaten Beterbiev absolutely the best light-heavyweight on the planet today. And Canelo and Triple-G have unfinished business. But a Canelo-Briedis fight would be ultra-intriguing on so many levels.

If Canelo indeed goes for it, he will be chasing a special place in the boxing history books and not just the ones written in Mexican. He will also be testing his skills against a formidable foe who can box, bang, fight dirty and take a heck of a punch. In short, Canelo will be really daring to be great. This is Canelo’s time and the opportunities to be a true great are at hand. They won’t be there forever.

Yes, a win over Beterbiev would add solidly to Canelo’s legacy, as would a dominant, no room for arguments win over Golovkin in a third fight (a KO win especially) – but there is something about Canelo winning a cruiserweight title. How many Mexican fighters have ever managed to rule at 200 pounds?

Canelo loves making history and he never ducks a challenge. Let’s see if Canelo, at 5’8,” accepts the 6’1″ Briedis’ call-out, and in so doing attempts to become the shortest world cruiserweight champ since the incredible Dwight Muhammad Qawi. Or can you perhaps name a shorter cruiserweight boss than the 5’7″ Qawi?

The cruiserweight division is not the most exciting division today, but a Canelo Alvarez fight at the weight would change that

21 thoughts on “Did Canelo Vs Briedis Just Get Real? Cruiser Champ Offers Canelo A Fight”

  1. Canelo fans are kinda slow smh Stop calling Mayweather’s name smh a old retired fighter actually a promoter now the man is dam nair 45 years old if Canelo is your favorite would you really wanna see him fight a 45 year old retired promoter while they are active Champions out there actually looking for fights????

  2. Canelo’s walking weight is about 180-185, how effective can he be by adding 15 lbs of fat.

  3. Does Anyone agree ?? Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the only Fight that needs to happen!!!!!!!!!!!! Floyd is probably Scared to fight Canelo!!!!!!

    • Relax Big Al, Floyd has outboxed and outclassed your favorite boxers favorite boxer. While Canelo is an excellent fighter, His boxing IQ doesn’t exceed or match Floyd’s.

    • Lol. I don’t know if you really in the sport of boxing . Money Mayweather already beat canelo at his prime

    • Floyd’s done!!! Too old, too small. They fought at 147 lbs. the first time. That was like 7 years ago. Like one of the other comments said…Canelo walks around at 180-185. Dropping almost 40 lbs to fight an over the hill Floyd makes no sense. Now DNT get me wrong…..It would probably draw a decent audience just because of the two names involved. I just think it’s unrealistic to think that Canelo would drop all that weight. Not to mention if Floyd went up to 168 he wouldn’t be able to move like we’re accustomed to seeing not to mention he’s like 43 or somn like that. He was a good fighter in his day. A damn good fighter. I personally think if he would have fought Manny 3-4 years before he did like everyone wanted him to, that he wouldn’t still be undefeated. These are just my opinions though. Others may feel differently.

  4. Take the challenge if your Canelo. Now if he does and don’t fight Bivol, Beterbiev, GGG,Benavidez, Charlo, Andrade or Spence, that tells me Canelo believes Briedis isnt that good cause y skip those other fights with bigger paydays. I keep hearing an issue with weight. If that’s the case then why don’t anyone say that about heavyweights?? Guys fight other guys that out weigh them by over 30 pounds. Imagine Ali or Iron Mike vs Tyson Fury. Would anyone complain about a 215 pound fighter vs a 275 pound fighter?? Doubt it. Weight shouldn’t matter based on how the heavyweights go about things. All I know is this. Canelo better watch out cause there’s a young 25 year old at 147 lbs and his name is Jaron Boots Ennis. He’s is coming!!!

  5. This is foolish and one pushed by millennial age fans. I remembered how it ruin wilfredo gomez and other greats because fools kept pushing their idols to their level of incapability.

  6. I am a big CANELO Fan but going up to Cruiserweight might be a bit much.At 168 he’s great..but to gain at least 30 pounds and skip light heavyweight altogether..would be a disaster..

    • Agreed way to much weight. He would need 3 fights alone just even get use to that weight , stamina. Power , etc. And he is 5 FT. 7in. How do you u add 30 pounds clean. No way.

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