Devin Haney says Teofimo Lopez “needs to get help”

By Tim Compton - 03/30/2022 - Comments

Devin Haney believes Teofimo Lopez is “delusional” and needs to “get help” after hearing his theory that his loss to George Kambosos Jr last November was part of a fix that was in that night.

Teofimo thinks that DAZN knew he was going to vacate his four titles, so they wanted to make sure that Kambosos (20-0,10 KOs) won the fight with him so that Haney could have an easier time when all of them at once to become the undisputed champion at 135.

Haney says everyone knows Teofimo lost the fight to Kambosos, and he needs to acknowledge the reality of what happened.

“How can he say it was written when he lost? It’s not as if he went in there and got robbed. He really lost,” said Devin Haney to Fighthype about Teofimo Lopez saying that his loss to George Kambosos Jr was part of a fixed fight.

“George won fair and square, whether he liked it or not,” Haney said about Teofimo. The people that truly watched know that George really won. So how can it be fixed when he lost?

Devin Haney says Teofimo Lopez "needs to get help"

“He said DAZN set it up or something like that. They said Dazn is setting it up, but we’re fighting on ESPN. He can say what he wants to say. I told you guys he was delusional before.

“It’s starting to show that something is wrong. He might need to get some help or something because I’m worried about him for real. No, I truly think something is wrong because he said something about a decision was already made.


“Bro, you lost.  You’ve got to acknowledge that to get better and go out and get more. Understand that you lost to the better man that night and you keep pushing and go back to the drawing board and you get back to the top,” said Haney.

Teofimo seems to be having a difficult time coming to terms with his loss Kambosos, so he’s looking in another direction to try and make sense of what happened to him.

When reality is too agonizing, we seek escape in a manufactured world to avoid confronting what happened.

“It’s a made fight for Haney,” said Teofimo Lopez to Fighthype when asked who wins the Haney vs. Kambosos fight. “The whole s*** was a scheme.

“They with DAZN and I was on the DAZN platform. They gave it to Kambosos because they knew what I was going to do with it,” said Teofimo.

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