Devin Haney can’t beat Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson says Antonio Tarver

By Will Arons - 06/01/2023 - Comments

Antonio Tarver says Devin Haney can’t beat Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson with the skills that he has now. Tarver warns that where Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) is now headed, moving up to 140, there are “no more soft touches.

Haney’s decision to move up to 140 instead of staying at 135 is basically a confession on his part that he doesn’t feel he’s capable of beating Shakur (20-0,  10 KOs) or Tank Davis.

Tarver saw a lot of holes in Haney’s game in his last fight. If Tank Davis were landing his left hands on Haney the same way Vasyl Lomachenko was doing, the fight would be over quickly.

Lomachenko exposed Haney, and he knows it himself, which is why he’s fleeing the division. The experience against Lomachenko made Haney realize that he was not good enough to beat the best. So rather than stay at 135 and lose four titles inside the ring, Haney is taking the easy way out by avoiding the unpleasant reality

The way Haney looked against Lomachenko, he’s not even good enough to beat any of these contenders at 135:

Isaac Cruz
Frank Martin
Keyshawn Davis
William Zepeda
Raymond Muratalla
Jamaine Ortiz

Eddie Hearn says Haney wants to fight Regis Prograis, but we’ll see how serious he is about taking that fight because that’s a guy that is way out of his league in the power department.

“What he has right now? No. What he has right now, I don’t think so,” said Antonio Tarver to Fight Hub TV when asked if Devin Haney can defeat Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson.

“But can he develop? That remains to be seen, but he’s going to have to do it expeditiously because there are no more soft touches where you’re going, Tarver continued about Haney.

“You got Shakur around the corner, and you got Gervontaa right there. You even have a puncher like Ryan Garcia. Do you see what I’m saying? So, he’s going to have to get some lessons for real because, like, I can talk in private.

“I’m going to give you the real breakdown of what I saw in the
in his [last fight]. What I feel is his ability and what I didn’t see. I can break that down. It’s going to be harsh, but it’s going to be real. If they respect the game, then they’ll hear it loud and clear because it’s going to be truth because it’s on it’s on film.

“It’ll be hard-pressed for me to have Lomo beating any of the top four or five lightweights in the game, and that don’t speak you know less of his ability, it just speaks volumes about these guys that are in front.

“These guys that are on top right now, I can see Lomo giving all these guys fits for a few rounds. I could see Lomo winning some rounds, but I can’t see Lomo beating these guys by three or four
rounds. I can’t see Lomo knocking out any of these guys, and from what I saw, Lomo wasn’t as sharp as he usually is [against Haney].

“When from a southpaw stance, every time he threw that left hand, that back foot came forward into the point where he was squared up, and then he couldn’t come back with the right hook. That’s the punch he was missing the whole night, and how could he time Devin Haney.

“When Devin Haney left hand was in the Bread Basket all night, even when he came forward, he led with his chin all night. Devin Haney needs to get more defensively responsible. When you
talk about fighting sharp shoes like Shakur Stevenson and Tank Davis, that was evident in the fight. Footwork
is needed,” said Tarver about Haney.

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