Derek Chisora wants Jake Paul to pay Tommy Fury on winner takes all bet

03/01/2023 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Derek Chisora is stepping into the dispute over the winner takes all handshake bet between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury that they made during the final press conference last week by saying that Jake should pay up because he lost the fight.

Jake (6-1, 4 KOs) had offered to pay Tommy double his purse if he lost to him, and the two shook on it on the stage. Unfortunately for Tommy, he reportedly failed to sign the contract to ensure that he got the money. Without the contract being signed, the handshake bet is meaningless.

It’s unclear why Chisora involves himself in the outcome of the bet because it has nothing to do with him, and he gets nothing out of it. He has no stake in this outcome aside from getting in the good graces of the Fury clan.

Tommy has already gotten a massive payday from the Jake fight, and he could potentially get a second one if the rematch takes place.

Earlier today, Tommy’s father, John Fury, took to social media to ay that he wants Jake to pay upon the bet.

“When we were on stage in Saudi for this fight, Tommy and Jake shook on the bet, and they shook hands,” said Derek Chisora on Instagram.

“A bet is a bet, they shook hands on it, you don’t need the contract, and you don’t need anything. Man to man, if you shake hands, you pay the man you shook hands with, so I think Jake Paul should wire money to Tommy; that’s fair.”

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“He likely wants to be deep down inside a true boxer,” said Gareth A. Davies to talkSPORT Boxing about Tommy Fury. “Take the money, take these fights [against Youtubers]. Boxing is an inherently dangerous sport, and he’s probably seven fights away from fighting for a British title or an English title.”

“Could he juggle both because to be honest, the Youtuber fights are a lot easier, like if he were fighting KSI? No disrespect to KSI, but that’s a lot easier than fighting someone for an English title,” said Ade Oladipo.

” He could fight KSI in the summer at Wembley stadium for big money, and at the same time to go to the Copperbox and fight for an English title.”

“He could very well do that, but he would be earning a tenth if that and the earning comes into it, the motivation,” said Gareth about Tommy Fury making more money fighting Youtubers than he’d get fighting for domestic-level titles.

“It’s going to be a very, very interesting battle for him, that internal motivation and of being a big star and the influencer drawing him in. Why would he not take those big fights in terms of earning big money?” said Davies on Tommy.