Demetrius Andrade tells Jermall Charlo: I got a debit card to get you some cash

Demetrius Andrade took to social media to tell Jermall Charlo he’s got a debit card that he can use to spot him a little cash if times are hard for right now.

The unbeaten WBO 160-lb champion Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) says Charlo might want to ask promoter Eddie Hearn if he can still give him the $7 million he offered to face Demetrius in a unification fight.

This was a bad week for WBC middleweight champion Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs), who was arrested on Wednesday on three counts of second degree robbery due to an incident at a bar last month on July 16th in San Antonio.

According to Dan Rafael, if Jermall is convicted of the charges against him, he could get between “two and 20 years in prison.”

Charlo didn’t look good at all in his last fight, struggling to beat little-known Juan Macias Montiel by a 12 round unanimous decision on June 19th in Houston. Montiel wore Charlo down with body shots and had him looking hurt several times in the second half of the contest.

It’s unclear whether Jermall got $7 million for his last two fights against Montiel and Sergiy Derevyanchenko. If not, he needs to take Hearn up on this offer to face Demetrius in a unification fight unless he’s not confident that he can win.

Assuming Charlo isn’t confident he can win, turning down the $7 million was the right move for him.

The way Charlo looked against Montiel, he needs to take the money while he can because he’s not going to stay champion for too much longer fighting like that.

Charlo’s grueling fight with Derevyanchenko last year in September, may have taken more out of him than some boxing fans originally thought. Jermall looked like a shell of his former self in his fight with Montiel after the match with Derevyanchenko.

Andrade would likely be the favorite against Charlo if the two of them fought right now at this point.

Demetrius Andrade, Jermall Charlo boxing image / photo

In Andrade’s last fight, he defeated WBO mandatory Liam Williams by a 12 round unanimous decision last April. It wasn’t a great match-up, but Andrade is having a hard time getting the top guys to fight him.

After Canelo’s recent fight, Andrade showed up at his post-fight press conference to call him out, and he was rudely told to get lost by the Mexican star. Canelo would rather fight guys like Avni Yildirim than taking on Andrade, which tells you a lot about how avoided Demetrius is.

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  1. You think you have some knowledge of boxing, but not enough to make up this nonsense, andrade is not at an elite level, because he hasn’t fought at elite level, if he wants to prove himself he should first fight and risk his undefeated against guys like Derevyanchenko, Jacobs, Lara, Benavidez, at least Edgar Berlanga. and then demand a shot at one of the other champs. But he wont do that and most likely he also wont get a shot at one of the other champs. Its nice that as his fan you try to put him up there thou.

    • If you followed Andrade at all you would understand he has tried to secure fights with the top of the division. He can’t force them to fight him what is he supposed to do? He’s the boogeyman an most avoided boxer in his division for a reason. Munguia gave up his mandatory title fight so that he didn’t have to face Andrade. Don’t fault Demetrius for not fighting elite boxers when he can’t get anyone to accept a fight.

  2. I don’t watch boxing any more. The current personalities suck and the only want to fight people that can’t fight. Take a good look at fighters of the past. They wanted to face the best of the best and the money didn’t matter. Bragging rights was everything. I take back what I said in the beginning, this is not true if the women boxers they have that attitude. If your nit the best keep your ass home!!

  3. Wow really?? You want to fight Charlo? Not Castaño. We are going to ignore the fact that this guy lost the past fight because he now deserves to get beaten for stealing? Let this guy fight in jail. THE MACHINE GUN ( BRYAN CASTAÑO) can take it from here. Now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense, I wouldn’t like to face an assassin… better a burglar.

  4. His style of fighting is boring for the common boxing fan, so it’s hard to put asses in seats, so no money in it, big risk low reward.

  5. Canelo has been sucking him since they were both in the 140’s. Every weight class different excuse.

    • 🤣 gtfoh. Canelo destroys either clown brother. Your talking the best in the game vs the dudes. Really. 👀 Smh

    • See I know that you have no idea wat your talking about. Canelo started at 154 not 140 he’s never been that small and it’s well documented that Canelo dropped his titles at 154 and then 160 to avoid fighting BooBoo

  6. Throws and hugs??? Huh that’s not fighting, that’s hang on for dear life. Watch out Andrade might get you’re face broke lol.

  7. The last section regarding Andrade and Canelo; if anything has been true it’s been that the agreement for fighting Canelo is generally to “fight”.

    Andrade, likes to combination punch and smother. He throws and hugs. Throws and hugs…

    Who wants to see that type of fight? Seriously now

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