De La Hoya Excited Over Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia: “It Brings Back Great Memories From The 1990s And Early-2000s”

By James Slater - 02/12/2024 - Comments

Oscar De La Hoya is massively excited about the upcoming April 20 fight between young stars Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia. And De La Hoya, as he said when speaking with, hopes this “best fighting the best” match-up will prove to be the start of a “trend.” De La Hoya – who continues to say how the world’s boxing promoters need to “come together” so as to make the best possible fights – says the fact that Haney-Garcia got done could be “the start of something.”

With the recent involvement in the sport of the powerfully rich Saudis, we fans have benefited massively, with numerous big fights, fights that might previously have been referred to as hard to make, getting done. De La Hoya insists Golden Boy’s roster is “the best” and De La Hoya says 2024 will prove to be “the biggest year of Golden Boy, in the history of our existence.”

And Oscar says the key is to match the best against the best. That simple.

“I haven’t been this excited for a fight in quite a while, and this fight here has me excited, just the fact that they are in their primes makes this special,” De La Hoya told Ring about the Haney-Garcia clash. “This is a great start to 2024. This could be the start of a major career for Ryan. And Devin Haney, fighting [Regis] Prograis, and now fighting Ryan, it brings back great memories of mine from the 1990s and early-2000s when fighters fought each other. The best fought the best. Hopefully, we are on to something. Hopefully we can start a trend here and April 20 will be the beginning.”

The making of Tank against Garcia last year, shows how rival promoters can still work together to make great fights; and De La Hoya, proud of the Haney-Garcia fight now being done, insists the big promoters have to come together. “I have always been open to working with everybody. That’s the way you get things done,” De La Hoya said.

The Haney-Garcia fight is done, and there seems to be no reason further massive, best against the best fights cannot follow suit.

We may never see the great days of eras gone by come back in boxing, but De La Hoya is trying his best to make sure we see the best fights we possibly can see today.