Which Fight Would You Rather See – Bivol – Canelo II Or Canelo – Benavidez?

By James Slater - 03/27/2023 - Comments

As fight fans know, David Benavidez, fresh off his commanding decision win over bitter rival Caleb Plant, wants one man and one man only in his next fight – Canelo Alvarez. However, we do not know if Canelo will play ball. As fans also know, the Mexican superstar will face Britain’s John Ryder in a homecoming affair on May 6, and after that, it is widely assumed Canelo will go back up to light heavyweight for his rematch with Dmitry Bivol.

Canelo may or may not be interested in taking a fight with the unbeaten Benavidez. But when it comes to the fans, which fight is more appealing: Canelo going back in with Bivol in a revenge mission that if he won would see Canelo defeat arguably the best light heavyweight on the planet (begging the pardon of Artur Beterbiev), or Canelo going in with the peaking Benavidez?

In truth, both fights are hugely appealing as well as interesting. Canelo seems to want that Bivol fight, yet fan and media pressure could put enough pressure on Canelo to make him take the Benavidez fight after that, win or lose. Benavidez is not going to stop calling Canelo’s name, and as long as he’s unbeaten and giving us the kind of exciting fights he’s been giving us – Saturday’s big win over Caleb Plant proving a huge hit with the fans – Benavidez will be the fans’ choice as far as who Canelo fights.

Mike Tyson wants the fight, as do plenty of other fighters active or retired. To answer the question posed here, basically we want to see Canelo fight Bivol AND Benavidez. This is the cost of being one of the biggest stars/cash cows of the sport. There can be no easy or safe fights for Canelo (although some critics have called his upcoming fight with Ryder as such; Ryder obviously disagrees, quite passionately).

Benavidez will likely haver to take another fight or fights before he gets Canelo (a fight with David Morrell has been suggested), but it does seem as though Canelo Vs. Benadivez is a fight that has top happen. Right now, this match up tops many a wish-list. Canelo has to give the fans what they want, or else they will not remain fans indefinitely. But who wins if/when Canelo and Benavidez do rumble? Can you say pick ’em?