Daniel Jacobs: A fight against Golovkin is out of my control

By T.Baker - 08/11/2014 - Comments

YouTube video
Newly crowned WBA World middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs (28-1, 25 KOs) made it a point to call out WBO middleweight champ Peter Quillin last Saturday night after blowing out #2 WBA Jarrod Fletcher in 2 rounds at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Jacobs sees a fight against Quillin as a potentially big affair that they could stage at the Barclays Center. Jacobs, however, seems less excited at the thought of facing WBA Super World middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin in the near future despite Jacobs now being his mandatory.

Golovkin would jump at the chance of fighting Jacobs, especially now that he’s gotten a small name for himself after being the Australian Fletcher.

“That’s a fight [Golovkin] that is out of my control,” Jacobs said to RingTV.com. “He’s with another promoter and I’m with another promoter, and if they can’t come to terms to make a fight like that happen then that’s out of my control.”

What was interesting about this was the negative look that Jacobs saw a potential Golovkin fight. Instead of seeing it a fight that could be negotiated by his promoters at Golden Boy and Golovkin’s promoter at K2 Promotions, Jacobs took the told “that is out of my control” tact. K2 Promotions would likely be willing to work with Golden Boy to make a fight between Golovkin and Jacobs happen. It’s not as if Golden Boy has a cold war with K2 or anything like that.

With the way that Jacobs fought Fletcher last Saturday, he might be better off staying in a different lane than Golovkin, because Jacobs didn’t show the type of game that would suggest that he’d last long against Golovkin. Jacobs looked too uncertain in the Fletcher fight after he failed to score a KO in the 1st round. His game slowed to a crawl, and he was even taking punishment in the 5th. Jacobs did the knockout in that round, but he was fighting in the same manner as he did when he got dominated and stopped by Dmitry Pirog back in 2010.