Daniel Dubois improves to 6-0 (6) with brutal stoppage of Dorian Darch

By James Slater - 12/10/2017 - Comments

20 year old heavyweight prospect – or perhaps heavyweight sensation is a more accurate description – Daniel Dubois did it again last night: he ran right through an opponent. Facing tough and experienced Dorian Darch of Wales, Dubois ended matters inside two painful rounds; during which the towering Londoner scored no less than four knockdowns.

Now 6-0 (6) Dubois has yet to be extended beyond the second-round. As powerful and accurate with his monster right hand as he is with his cracking left, Dubois has got plenty of people excited – his promoter Frank Warren included.

It is only a matter of time before Dubois starts challenging for major belts, the British, Commonwealth and then European titles, and it seems to also be a matter of time before Dubois wins these honours. But will the respective champions agree to fight Dubois? British champion Sam Sexton has already made it clear he wants a substantial payday if he is to defend his belt against Dubois, or at least his team have made this quite clear.

But Dubois, more smashing the door off its hinges than knocking loudly upon it, must get his shot when the time comes. It is of course still early days in the career of Dubois and it’s better we don’t get carried away (as Dubois’ opposition has been after sharing a ring with the power-puncher for a few minutes). We know nothing about Dubois’ chin, stamina or ability to cope with a tricky mover, but so far, the man some have called the best young heavyweight prospect in years has done everything right.

The way he’s going, it may not be too long before even the elite big men begin looking for ways to avoid this latest heavyweight wrecking machine. Dubois has reportedly been booted out of a number of fight camps for giving the star fighter he was working with too hard a time of things (Dubois reportedly knocking down, maybe even knocking out, Anthony Joshua a while back) – and with the kind of power he again put on public display last night against the game but seriously outgunned Darch, it’s easy to see why.

2018 promises to be quite a year for Dubois, and for all the fight fans who tune in to watch him do his stuff. Who next for Dubois?

Last Updated on 12/10/2017