Crawford vs. Spence: Should they have rematch?

By Jeff Sorby - 07/31/2023 - Comments

Paulie Malignaggi thinks it doesn’t make sense for a rematch to take place between Terence Crawford & Errol Spence Jr after the way Bud totally dismantled ‘The Truth,’ dominating him in every round en route to scoring a ninth round technical knockout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) understandably wants a rematch, but it doesn’t make sense from a sporting aspect the promoters might not be thrilled at doing a second fight if they’re going to be on the hook for paying out huge purse guarantees to Errol and Crawford.

Without the former IBF, WBA & WBC welterweight champion Spence redeeming himself by getting one or two significant wins over a highly ranked 147 or 154-pounder, it seems like a foolish idea to do a rematch.

Spence likely is thinking about the money he can get fighting Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) again and comparing it to what he’d get in fighting regular contenders at junior middleweight.

The money wouldn’t be the same, and the risk would be high for Spence if he looks as bad as last Saturday night. This wasn’t the first time that Spence had massive problems.

In Spence’s previous fight against Yordenis Ugas, he took a lot of punishment before stopping him in the tenth round.

Spence made Ugas look much better than he is in that fight, which showed that Errol is not the fighter he once was.

Does the Crawford-Spence rematch make sense?

“I can’t believe what I just watched.  Did I just watch Terence Crawford dominate like that?” said Paulie Malignaggi on talking on his Youtube channel about Terence Crawford’s win over Errol Spence Jr.

“Regardless of who you thought was going to win this fight, did you ever expect it to wind up this one-sided? I am still in shock. First of all, I thought Errol Spence was going to win the fight. So imagine how in shock I am. I thought Errol Spence was going to win the fight.

“I thought physically he was going to be too big. Secondly, I still had Terence as my number one pound-for-pound going into the fight. I just didn’t think that he would physically be able to handle this weight class when it came to a naturally big welterweight, strong welterweight, skilled welterweight like Errol Spence.

“Man, did he prove me wrong? He’s number one pound-for-pound. First of all, some of you out there thought I was not still having Terence Crawford number one pound-for-pound. He just emphasized and re-emphasized the fact that he’s the best fighter in the world.

“They were talking about that this fight was going to be a two-fight deal, that there was going to be a rematch. What rematch? How are we going to get a rematch after that? He dismantled him. It looked like they will they were playing two different sports in there. It’s crazy,” said Malignaggi.

Will enough boxing fans purchase the Crawford vs. Spence rematch on PPV for it to turn a profit for the promoters? PBC needs to talk Spence out of the idea of fighting Crawford again because the promoters could take a bath if it happens.

“I thought Errol Spence started out fight he’ll aggressively, and that’s all we all expected,” said Malignaggi. “We expected Errol Spence to start out aggressively, and I thought, eventually, the physicality of the fight would break Terence down, but in the second round, Terence scored a knockdown.

“Even though everybody got excited with this knockdown, I didn’t get quite that excited quite yet because if you look at the knockdown, Errol has got his back foot off the ground. So there’s
no anchor there when he takes that jab.

“So he goes down, and it goes down off the jab. I thought everybody was going to get a little too excited too quickly when he got that knockdown. It was sort of a balance shot. A shot lands and it’s a legit knockdown, but it also has to do with Errol’s footing.

“It’s not too crazy yet. Errol kept trying and kept bringing the pressure, but we know Terence is somewhat of a slow starter, but once he gets your timing and starts processing things, all of a sudden, he became like the Matrix,” said Malignaggi.

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