Could Artur Beterbiev Really Fight Oleksandr Usyk?

By James Slater - 01/31/2023 - Comments

Some possible match ups, when they are first floated as an idea, as a possible but perhaps not too likely fight for the future, are instantly shot down as being far too unrealistic. But, over the the years, we have seen some seemingly crazy match ups become reality (think Manny Pacquiao-Oscar De La Hoya for one example).

Right now, having destroyed everything and everybody in his path at light heavyweight, Artur Beterbiev is not dismissing the possibility of a move up in weight and a fight with Oleksandr Usyk. The two met as amateurs, with the immensely skilled Ukrainian southpaw winning two out of their three bouts. Now, with everyone wanting to see Beterbiev get it on with rival light heavyweight champ Dmitry Bivol, Beterbiev has been asked if he would think about the possibility of facing Usyk for a fourth time, this time at pro level.

The fight, if it happened, would almost certainly have to be fought at a catch-weight, simply because Beterbiev, at six-feet tall, and with a reach of 73-inches, is not big enough to compete as a heavyweight. If the Bivol fight fails to materialise, and if the still-to-be-announced as done Usyk-Tyson Fury fights also proves elusive, then who knows, maybe Usyk and Beterbiev could hook up again? Stranger things have happened.

“No problem,” Beterbiev said to Sky Sports when asked if he’d fight Usyk again. “If you organize. He’s successful. He did a good job [with his pro career]. He’s a good fighter and he did a good job. I’m not really interested [in Usyk’s career]. I’m not following Usyk or someone else. I could move up [in weight], it’s interesting but another champion [to fight] is good too. I try to be ready for everything. If it comes, we will try to do it.”

Usyk as we know stands 6’3” and his reach is 78-inches. So maybe, possibly, the fight could happen. Beterbiev, in a catch-weight fight that would perhaps take place somewhere around the 200 pound mark, would not be dwarfed; and we have seen shorter guys than him try their hand at heavyweight (remember when Dwight Muhammad Qawi, all 5’6” of him, fought George Foreman, this in an absolute, ‘he-had-to-be-crazy’ move!). This one is unlikely, at best, yet nothing can be dismissed these days. And you know this for darn sure; you’d tune in if Usyk and Beterbiev did fight again!