Chris Eubank Jr – “I’m Gutted To Be Missing Watching Floyd On May 2nd But My Career Comes First”

04/21/2015 - By Olly Campbell - Comments

British middleweight star and WBA 160lb interim champion Chris Eubank Jr (19-1, 14ko) has spoken to “” in the UK to promote his “routine” title defence on Frank Warren’s May 9th card in London against unheralded Australian Les Sherrington (35-7, 19ko)

At the same time he used the opportunity to take a pot shot at bitter rival and WBO mandatory Billy Joe Saunders (21-0, 11ko) and to convey his disappointment at being unable to join the Mayweather family out in Vegas for the big fight.

Saunders beat Eubank Jr by SD last November in a massive all-British clash that went the way of the Hatfield fighter and ex-Olympian. Saunders will challenge for the WBO middleweight title against Andy Lee later in the year, after his own warm-up on the same May 9th card, a return after injury. Of him Eubank said;

“He has a lot to say, a lot of it is stupid but it get’s people talking. This guy is never going to amount to anything. It’s not a good feeling knowing he beat me, because he simply isn’t the fighter that I am. His only claim to fame will be to tell his grandkids he beat me (just) because I started too slow. I didn’t turn up early enough, it was my first 12 rounder and I paced myself TOO much. Come the rematch I will rectify all mistakes and he won’t make it to the final round.”

Like his famous father before him, Eubank Jr spent much time out in the States working on the fundamentals of his boxing early on in his career. That has included numerous visits to Vegas to spar with members of The Money Team, training alongside the likes of Mickey Bey, Ishe Smith and fellow Brit Ashley “Treasure” Theophane.

Whilst it’s been noted by the Mayweather’s that Eubank Snr is an eccentric at best, an ANNOYING eccentric at worst, they appear to hold a degree of respect for the younger Eubank, and have been impressed by his sessions out in Vegas, so much so that Eubank Jr considers himself close to the team.

When asked about the result for May-Pac, Eubank was vocal in his praise of Floyd, saying;

“You can’t hit what’s not there. You can’t touch Mayweather, the man is a wizard. Listen, Manny is a legend and he is what he is. A dangerous fighter and I’m sure he’ll touch Mayweather a few times but the question is, will he be able to touch him enough to beat him? I don’t think so.”

When jokingly quizzed about the ticket prices and whether his contacts had secured him an invite to the fight, Eubank was telling. He began to talk about the $4000 dollar seats at the back at the venue as if to suggest if he HAD indeed been invited, but maybe he had to PAY????. He said;

“The plan actually was for me to be there, but now they have put this fight on me, it hurts, man. It’s looking like I might miss out on it, but for me at the end of the day, my career comes first and business is business. I gotta look after number one. I’ll have to pray there is a rematch!!”

We all know Chris isn’t THAT close to Floyd and there is no way in hell he would have been given ringside tickets as the rather naïve interviewer asked (only half-jokingly!) If there was any ticket offer for Jr at all, it’d be one of those public seats right at the back, and even then it’ll prob cost a fighter like Chris – a very good one- half his next fight purse!!!

Floyd v Manny is bigger than ALL of US mere mortals. Including you Chris!!! The countdown to it goes on!!!

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