Conor Benn – Chris Eubank Jr Officially OFF!

By James Slater - 10/06/2022 - Comments

News has broken informing us that this Saturday’s huge Chris Eubank Jr Vs. Conor Benn fight is officially OFF. Fans heard yesterday how Benn tested positive for an illegal substance, his VADA, A-sample coming back with traces of a female fertility drug; this a substance that if taken by a man can boost testosterone levels. The results of Benn’s B-sample have not yet been revealed.

Benn passed all tests done by UKAD and he is not currently a suspended fighter. However, the BBB of C announced they would not sanction the fight as it was “not good for boxing.”

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Still, as of yesterday, promoters Eddie Hearn and Kalle Sauerland were trying to see to it that the fight went ahead, with the lawyers being brought in. Earlier today there was talk of “revised weights,” of the fight going ahead but as an “exhibition.” But now, finally, the fight is officially off.

This breaking news has come as one big sigh of relief for many people; those who strongly felt the very notion of the fight being permitted to go on, this after a fighter has tested positive for a banned substance, was nothing short of disgraceful. Added to the concern was the fact that Eubank Jr (who did look noticeably thinner, gaunt even, at yesterday’s open work-out) would have been running the risk of entering the ring as a weakened, compromised fighter. What would happen if, God forbid, Eubank Jr got badly or permanently hurt, people were asking?

Now, thankfully, sanity has prevailed, the lawyers unable to come up with something that would permit the fight to go on. We must now wait and see whether or not the fight is rescheduled, and if so, when. Or might it be that this fight never happens now? Again, only time will tell.

As far as Benn and his career is concerned, it is to be hoped that, somehow, his B-sample comes back clean, that this whole thing was just a crazy mistake. Benn, a potential superstar of the future, has of course insisted and is insisting he is nothing but a clean athlete. Let’s hope so.

Conor Benn - Chris Eubank Jr Officially OFF!

Last Updated on 10/06/2022