Chavez wants Margarito, then a title shot

Okay, the above headline is admittedly guilty of suggesting a quite mouth-watering fight; but even if it is not referring to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr against Antonio Margarito, in what would be an all-Mexican bad boy Vs. bad boy match-up, the possible fight in the headline is a good one all the same.

Omar Chavez, the less famous son of Chavez Snr, has a good record at 36-3-1(24) and the 154-pounder wants to get a fight with former welterweight king Margarito and then a shot at a world title.

The 27 year old Chavez is coming off an impressive 2nd round stoppage of Ramon Alvarez, brother of Canelo, and as he explained to ESPN Deportes, he wants to keep the momentum going – with another fight on July 29, against TBA, then Margarito, and then a title chance.

The April win over Alvarez (who Margarito has also defeated, via close decision last August) was a revenge victory for Chavez, with him having previously dropped a points loss to Ramon, and he now feels as though it is his time.

“What follows is another knockout,” Chavez said. “Let’s wait for Margarito to say yes after this fight and then hopefully after that a champion at 154. Personally, I like Margarito, it’s nothing personal, just business.”

But there are plenty of people who do not like Margarito – for obvious reasons regarding his past (loaded handwraps!). As such, good guy Chavez against bad guy Margarito would sell, big. It would likely be a good action fight, too – even if the 39 year old “Tijuana Tornado,” at 40-8(27) is way past his best. Margarito, once a genuine fighting hero, has won two bouts since coming back from his 2011 rematch defeat to Miguel Cotto and he seems intent on getting one last title shot before retiring. Maybe he will look at a fight against Chavez as a way of getting a shot?

In an ideal world, Margarito, with his documented eye problems, should not be fighting. But he is, and Omar Chavez wants to get into the ring with him. And admit it, if the fight got televised, you’d watch it, the same as I would!