Charr: If I knockout Haye, I’ll get a rematch with Vitali

haye343434#8 WBC Manuel Charr (23-1, 13 KO’s) has a near hopeless dream of getting a rematch against WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, who made short work of Charr in stopping him in the 4th round last year in September. Charr has it in his head that all he has to do to get another nice paying bout against Vitali is for him to beat David Haye (26-2, 24 KO’s) next month in their fight on June 29th in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK.

Charr said to Sky Sports “He’s [Vitali] never fought David Haye and Haye has called him out for three years now. Vitali said he wanted to knock him out, shut him up and all this other rubbish, but he never did anything about it. The fight has never happened. I won’t let Vitali do the same to me. I want my rematch and to get it I have to knockout David Haye on June 29th.”

Gosh, it sounds like a simple-minded dream. How scary. It’s worse than a pipedream on Charr’s part in hoping he can get past Haye and then get his rematch with Vitali, because for one, Haye is likely going to knock him out, and even if he beats Haye, Vitali isn’t going to fight Charr again.

The guy so close to retirement that you can’t count on him fighting anyone at this point, especially someone like Charr that he already beat. Vitali is smart enough to know that even his most loyal German fans wouldn’t want to see him fight Charr again because it was such a terrible mismatch last time they fought.

Well, I hope Haye doesn’t beat Charr too badly next month because I think it might mess him up if he gets knocked out to the point where he doesn’t have something or someone to blame his defeat on.

Charr doesn’t seem like he’s come to terms with his loss to Vitali and is blaming it on the ringside doctor calling a halt to the fight, despite the fact that Charr was covered with blood at the time and looked like a mess from night of the living dead. If the doctor didn’t stop, I can only imagine how much blood Charr would have lost in that fight.