Charlo vs Korobov, Charlo vs Harrison & Breazeale vs Negron Weights & Photos

12/21/2018 - By Premier Boxing - Comments

Jermall Charlo 159.6 vs. Matt Korobov 159.25
Jermell Charlo 153.5 vs Tony Harrison 153.25
Dominic Breazeale 256.5 vs Carlos Negron 226.

(Photo credit: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions)

Before they enter the ring in primetime this Saturday, December 22, fighters competing on the blockbuster Premier Boxing Champions on FOX & FOX Deportes event went face-to-face Thursday at the final press conference for their matchups at Barclays Center, the home of BROOKLYN BOXING™.

The event is headlined by the Charlo Twins defending their world titles and a heavyweight showdown between Dominic Breazeale and Carlos Negron beginning at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Jermall Charlo, who won a coin toss with his brother, will close the show in a 12-round WBC interim middleweight championship bout against Matt Korobov, while Jermell Charlo will battle Tony Harrison in defense of the WBC Super Welterweight World Title.

Tickets for the show, which is being promoted by Lions Only Promotions and TGB Promotions in association with DiBella Entertainment, begin at $50 and are on sale now. Tickets can be purchased at,, or by calling 800-745-3000. Tickets can also be purchased at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center. Group discounts are available by calling 844-BKLYN-GP.

In the spirit of the season, fighters were joined on stage by Santa Claus as he too prepares for his biggest night of the year. Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday from the Barclays Center GEICO Atrium:

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“Once I heard about the new opponent, I knew that we had work to do. Nothing I can do about someone who was unprofessional. I didn’t put my head down; I knew that we’d make another fight. I’m glad that Korobov stepped up to the plate. I think it’s going to be a great fight.

“Every fight is tough. I’m not sleeping on this guy. I’m sleeping this guy.

“This is a great chance for me to put on for my fans and my people. There’s no disappointment. Korobov is a different kind of fighter than Willie Monroe, but I am prepared to fight against any style.

“I’m one of the guys at middleweight that’s been getting overlooked. People think I might not have done enough in the division, but that’s only because I haven’t got the chance to fight the best out there.

“I have to figure out a different game plan for each fighter I step in with. I know he’s coming to fight and I know he’s bringing anything he possesses into the ring to beat me. It’s my duty to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Me and my brother are both hungry. We want the fans and everyone to know that we’re the best in the world. Sooner or later the rest of the world will know it.

“Korobov was on the undercard so I know that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for him. I’m well prepared for the challenge. I’m going to get in there and show my professionalism Saturday.”

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“I respect that Jermall Charlo took this fight and I’m going to try to show my best on Saturday night. I have watched Jermall’s fights and because he has a title I know he has a lot of quality skills.

“I have the skills to make this a great night for myself. I am going to bring everything I’ve got. I spent some time outside of the ring but the whole time I was preparing for a moment like this and I’m going to make it count.

“I’m very excited and happy about this event and being in this fight. This was such a big opportunity that I was immediately telling my team yes. This is what all my work has been leading to.”

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“Everyone will see Saturday night that I’m just different than these other guys. I’m going to get in there and do what I have to do for 12 rounds. If I do that, Jermell Charlo should prevail. I’m going to put my life on the line like every time I step into the ring.

“I’m a hungry fighter. All the talk on the outside, that makes me want to destroy my opponent. I’m going to choose to be dominant and go out and destroy this guy.

“Now that we’re here, me and my brother have big opportunities. We can’t drop the ball. This is important to us and we’re going to take advantage of it. It’s only right that me and my brother close out this year.

“I want to go first on fight night. I want to take everything that I’ve been building up and put it on display Saturday night.

“I’ve had a great camp and I have nothing to worry about. I’m not going to let Tony Harrison stand in the way of what I’m looking to accomplish. These fighters can’t punch with me, they can’t box with me, and at this weight division, I know I’m the best.

“People doubt that I’m the best at 154-pounds and that fuels my fire. These other fighters are just in my way.

“I look at every fight as 0-0 for both guys. I don’t care about any extra stuff going on. We’re both coming to fight and we’ll see who wins.”

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“I’m just looking forward to a good outing on Saturday night in front of a great crowd in Brooklyn and a big audience on FOX. It’s going to be a great fight and an explosive matchup.

“I think that Jermell is a more technically sound fighter than Jarrett Hurd, but I’ll be able to answer better after Saturday night. I can’t get caught up in comparing them now.

“I’ve worked really hard to be more consistent. More consistent in training, so that I can have great performances every time I step into the ring.

“I don’t feed into any outside noise or voices. My preparation was great. This is the best camp I’ve ever had. The pedestal is high for Jermell Charlo; he has pressure to put on a certain type of performance. I’m just going to relax and do what I train to do and that’s fight.

“There’s nothing I want more than a rematch with that Jarrett Hurd. All roads lead to Jarrett Hurd for whoever wins this fight.”

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“I think fighting a guy like Carlos Negron is a stepping stone to getting the fight with Deontay WIlder. He has similar size and stature, so it’s like a rough sketch for the title fight. I want to stay in rhythm and dust off any cobwebs there may be so I’m active and ready when the Wilder fight comes.

“Carlos Negron is a big guy and someone that size is going to have a good jab. I know he has a strong amateur pedigree. We have similar records and we stand eye-to-eye. This is the first time I’ve fought someone his stature and size. But I don’t think he’s fought the same quality of opponents like I have at the pro ranks.

“This is the heavyweight game and one punch can change everything. I plan on landing that punch on Saturday night.

“This is a guy who stands tall and has boxing skills. He’s an ‘ABC’ fighter. He throws a lot of 1-2s and that’s what Deontay Wilder does too. I’m only chasing the belt because Deontay Wilder is running.”

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“I will fight on Saturday and they’ll see a very different and new Carlos Negron on that night. I’m coming to bring a great fight for all of the fans.

“I know that this is a chance I have to take advantage of. I’ve prepared to hard to waste this. I respect Breazeale but I believe I have the skills to dominate this fight.

“Fighting on the big stage will not affect me. Through my amateur career, in the pros and in sparring I’ve faced the best of the best and this will be no different. This is my opportunity to show that I’m a championship fighter, and I get to do it in front of the whole world.”

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“It’s certainly an exciting time for the sort of boxing and we are proud to host the first night of the new multi-year alliance between PBC and FOX. The buildup to this fight has been unprecedented. These stars have been promoted like never before with cross-promotion on FOX’s biggest programming.

“Jermall and Jermell, we have built a great relationship over the last couple of years. We’re thrilled to see you fighting on the same card at Barclays Center and we hope it’s the first of many.

“I want to commend Matt Korobov for stepping in last minute and accepting this great challenge. For Tony Harrison, this is your third time at Barclays Center and you’re undefeated in your previous fights. The televised opener between Dominic Breazeale and Carlos Negron will set the tone for the evening. Brooklynites love their heavyweights and we welcome you to Brooklyn.

“This will be the first of many great nights of BROOKLYN BOXING™ on the FOX networks. We’re excited for this great fight card, I wish everyone a great holiday and look forward to seeing you on Saturday night.”