Caroline Dubois wins world title, Riley outpoints Quarless – Boxing Results

09/30/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Caroline Dubois secured the IBO World Lightweight Championship title in just her 8th professional fight, having thrown down an intense 10 rounds against the resilient Mexican contender, Magali Rodriguez.

Broadcasted live from the legendary York Hall in Bethnal Green on both Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Main Event, Dubois’s victory was not just a win, but a declaration.

As the fight moved into the third round, Dubois found her groove, releasing fierce shots to Rodriguez’s body, leaving her torn between guarding her face or her midsection. The distraction was all Dubois needed to create ample attack opportunities.

Things heated up dramatically in the 6th round when Dubois delivered a flawless one-two combination, followed by a powerful right hook that floored Rodriguez.

The 9th round saw another highlight when Dubois’s powerful right hand almost sent Rodriguez to dreamland, leaving her teetering on the edge of the canvas. It looked like a stoppage was imminent multiple times throughout the round. However, Rodriguez showcased a remarkable spirit, rallying back with force and determination, even managing to land several respectable hits.

Dubois was merely eight when Rodriguez stepped into the professional boxing scene. Though their career timelines vastly differ, tonight made it evident that Dubois has matured into a top-contender in the sport.

Now, at 22 and with an IBO belt already around her waist, predicting a string of World Championship wins for Dubois doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Currently, she appears unstoppable.

Post-fight, a buoyant Dubois shared with Sky Sports, “Rodriguez was a powerhouse. Even after I had her down, she was all in. This might have been my top performance, but there’s a long road ahead. I’ve got that knockout hunger, and by the time I hit 25 or 26? Watch out, because those knockouts will be legendary!”

Adding to the post-fight conversation, Ben Shalom, BOXXER CEO and founder, commented, “Caroline was phenomenal. How Rodriguez managed to get back up in the 9th, I’m still trying to figure out. Katie Taylor may have been the face of women’s boxing, but Dubois? She’s the future, and I bet the major boxing divisions will see it too.”

Viddal Riley Dominates Nathan Quarless

Viddal Riley just ramped up his unbeaten streak to 10, snagging the English Championship title with a stellar performance against Nathan Quarless, another fighter with an untouched record.

Most boxing enthusiasts reckoned Quarless could give Riley a run for his money. Oh, how tables turn! Riley wasn’t just good; he was impeccable. Navigating the ring effortlessly, he chose his aggressive moments wisely, ensuring his punches packed a punch—pun intended.

One thing’s for sure: whoever Riley picks to square up with next, it won’t be a walk in the park for the opponent.

Post-fight, Viddal Riley chatted with Sky Sports, “Now I’ve made my mark. Big shoutout to my team, especially pops. He always believed, and look where we are!”

Ben Shalom, the big cheese at BOXXER, chirped in: “Riley probably got his sights set on the Chamberlain vs. Lawal showdown on October 21st. Honestly? He’s the best mover we’ve got!”

Full Card Results:

Caroline Dubois Def. Magali Rodriguez – UD (98-89, 97-90, 99-88)

Viddal Riley Def. Nathan Quarless – UD (100-90, 100-90, 100-90)

Igor Macedo Def. Jeamie TKV – TKO Rd 6 (1:11)

Callum Simpson Def. Jose Macias – UD (100-89, 100-89, 100-89)

Francesca Hennessy Def. Sonia Klos – TKO Rd 4 (3:00)

Stephen McKenna Def. Darren Tetley – RTD Rd 6 (3:00)