LIVE: Canelo vs Jermell Charlo

09/30/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Legendary journalist and blow-by-blow announcer Jim Lampley will be joining forces with PPV.COM as a co-host for Canelo vs Charlo live viewer chat on the 30th of September.

Jim Lampley is a name synonymous with boxing. Known for his dynamic tenure on “HBO World Championship Boxing,” his work will be expanded as he provides on-site commentary and reports from Las Vegas throughout fight week. This collaboration will also create original video content for PPV.COM’s website and social media channels.

LIVE: Canelo vs Jermell Charlo

The partnership with Jim Lampley goes beyond traditional broadcasting. PPV.COM aims to engage its viewers in a unique way, allowing fans to interact directly with Jim during the entire PPV event via live chat. Beyond streaming the official broadcast in high quality, viewers can type questions and comments, receiving real-time responses from Lampley himself. What sets PPV.COM apart is the ability to watch without needing a subscription.

This venture is not just a professional endeavor for Lampley but a joyful one. It offers him the chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues, adding his expertise to the action both during the fight week and on fight night. The direct interaction with fans through an engaging platform is an innovative step that impresses Lampley, especially considering PPV.COM’s growth in less than two years.

Joining Lampley for the Canelo vs. Charlo live chat is another prominent name in boxing journalism, Lance Pugmire. Honored with the BWAA’s 2022 Nat Fleischer Award for Excellence in Boxing Journalism, Pugmire has contributed as PPV.COM’s senior writer and hosted chats for several boxing events. His collaboration with Lampley is seen as a gathering of boxing’s intellectual titans.

The synergy between Lance and Jim is described by Dale Hopkins, President & CEO of iNDEMAND and PPV.COM, as a boxing aficionado’s dream team. The sheer depth of expertise and insight they share is unparalleled, and PPV.COM takes great pride in making this experience accessible to their customers.

The anticipation continues to build as PPV.COM gears up to live-stream Canelo vs. Charlo in the U.S. and Canada on September 30, with audio feeds in both English and Spanish. iNDEMAND, the parent company of PPV.COM, further expands access to the event through a network of cable and telco operators across the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that fans everywhere can tune in.

The alignment of Lampley and Pugmire, the ability to interact with legends of boxing, and the reach of PPV.COM all come together to form a spectacular ensemble. It marks a new era of engaging, human-like interaction with boxing, where every punch, every strategy, and every moment is narrated, discussed, and cherished by those who live and breathe the sport. It’s a ringside seat like no other, an opportunity for fans to engage with the very voices that have defined generations of boxing history.

The thoughts from trainers on Wednesday were clear, especially when discussing their forecasts for the impending super fight:

RONNIE SHIELDS, Notable Trainer of Jermall Charlo, among others:

“Jermell understands the magnitude of this chance and will pour his all into ensuring a victory. He always aims to stand out as the best. Canelo, having voiced concerns about injuries in recent times, aims to showcase his skills. Canelo is determined to have unwavering support, suggesting we might see him in top form in this fight.

Charlo’s strength remains undiminished from start to finish. It’s rare, but Canelo matches that. The combination promises a riveting fight. For Charlo, the trick will be to secure rounds without doubt; skimming by won’t cut it against Canelo. And while many have refrained from targeting Canelo’s body, Charlo should strategize to land blows there.

I predict a split-decision victory for Jermell Charlo.”

BOB SANTOS, Acclaimed 2022 Trainer of the Year:

“There’s undeniable competition here. Though Canelo’s stature is a hot topic, having been around both, I’d say Charlo is quite imposing himself. The determining factor might boil down to sheer determination and strategy execution. Canelo’s more seasoned in such high-intensity fights, but Charlo’s size won’t hinder him. Given Jermell Charlo’s reputation, Canelo knows he’s up against a tough opponent, so I anticipate him at his best.

Mistakes will be costly; I sense a potential knockout. While it could go either way, my gut says Canelo might have a slight edge. Still, Charlo’s precision could land him some impactful punches.”

CALVIN FORD, Trainer for Renowned Champion Gervonta Davis:

“Charlo’s long-awaited fight is finally here, and he’s rearing to go. His drive will play a crucial role. Both fighters are eager to prove their dominance. It’s a tug of war between Charlo’s ambition and Canelo’s reign. Their punches pack power, making it essential to see who outsmarts the other. A knockout is likely, but it remains uncertain who will deal it.”

ROBERT GARCIA, Celebrated Trainer and Past Recipient of Prestigious Awards:

“The anticipation is palpable. This is a make-or-break situation for Canelo, and I believe both fighters will weigh similarly on the day. The general consensus is Canelo’s unparalleled dedication. However, he hasn’t been at his peak recently, giving Charlo a fair shot. With 18 years of professional experience, Canelo’s body might be showing signs of wear, but he remains my pick, albeit with challenges expected.

These exhilarating fights are precisely what boxing needs. This year has been spectacular, and it continues to amaze. If Charlo clinches this, he’ll rank just below Terence Crawford in the global hierarchy. As for predictions, an early Canelo knockout is likely, but Charlo could turn the tables in the later rounds. If it spans the entire duration, Canelo might just secure a narrow win.”