Carl Froch To Put Jake Paul In His Place?

By James Slater - 02/20/2023 - Comments

Jake Paul Makes Offer To The Former Champ Froch

Whether you like him, loathe him, or are somewhere in between, you cannot deny the fact that Jake Paul knows how to drum up publicity. With his much-hyped on/off/on again fight with Tommy Fury just days away, Paul has now called out former super middleweight champ Carl Froch. This after “The Cobra” had his latest dig at the YouTuber who wants to be a fighter.

YouTube video

Froch, speaking with IFL TV, referred to Paul as a “performing clown.” Froch then stated how “any retired professional world champion that keeps themselves in good shape would have absolutely no problem playing with Jake Paul.”

Froch said “it would be a mismatch” if he ever fought Paul, and that he would only need to do the bare minimum of training to get ready for a duel with him – “just to get the heart and lungs filled up with a bit of air.”

Well, Paul has bitten. He feels disrespected. Paul has now called Froch out, via social media:

“Carl Froch mad because I made more in 1 year than he made his whole career. You want the payday. I get it. So let’s do this, fight Anderson Silva in my next card & if you get lucky and beat him, then we can step in the ring & you can make your career payday. LMK,” Paul wrote.

Of course there seems to be no real chance of Froch taking Paul up on this. Froch, a Hall of Famer and an all-time British great, will have zero interest in fighting former MMA star Anderson Silva, and nor should he be expected to have any inclination to do so. Paul is just being silly. He is the person being disrespectful, to a man who fought wars in the ring and faced any and all comers. Froch’s resume speaks for itself. Forget the financial side of things Paul was crass enough to boast about (if his statement is in fact true; and how does he know how much money Froch earned during his career?)

Froch merely stated how Paul, who he has “nothing against,” is just an entertainer, not a real fighter. Who disagrees with Froch on this point? Fighters, real fighters, are a different breed; established long-reigning world champions especially. In the ring, warrior Froch went to places Paul could scarcely dream of. Paul should hope Froch doesn’t agree to his demands, as it would indeed be a mismatch if even a 45 year old Froch fought him in a real fight. A painful and embarrassing mismatch.

Agree or disagree?