Carl Froch: “Good thing Canelo never met the Cobra at 168 because I would have given him hell”

By Vladimir S - 10/04/2023 - Comments

In an engaging and insightful interview, Carl Froch offers his opinions on the recent fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jamal Charlo, and looks ahead to potential match-ups for Canelo. Here’s what the boxing expert and former fighter had to say.

Canelo vs. Charlo: A Step Too Far for Charlo?

“Honestly, I was disappointed with Canelo Alvarez against Jamal Charlo. Charlo realized very early that he was outclassed in a different division. The super middleweight 168-pound division was too much of a step up for Charlo, who’s a great operator at 154. I know he’s a big 154-pound fighter, but not big enough to step up to 168 against someone as skillful as Canelo Alvarez. Charlo stepping up to 168? I think it was naive of his team. It turned out to be a very disappointing fight and easy work for Canelo.”

So, what could’ve been the turning point for Charlo in the fight? Froch reflects,

“He landed three or four punches a round; he couldn’t get to Canelo. He got dropped as well during the fight. It was pure survival for Charlo.”

But Froch adds an intriguing twist to the tale:

“Good job Canelo never met the Cobra at 168 pounds because I would have given him hell.”

Jamal Charlo’s future in boxing still seems bright. As Froch put it:

“Jamal Charlo will come again, maybe down at 160.”

The Next Opponent for Canelo?

The age-old question after any big fight: who’s next? Froch has his thoughts.

“I’d like to see Canelo fight Dimitriy Bivol again. His only defeat other than Floyd Mayweather is up at light heavyweight against Bivol. However, Canelo’s not big enough for the 175-pound division. Bivol didn’t stop working against Canelo.”

But, there’s another contender in the mix – Chris Eubank Jr. Froch contemplates the possibility:

“Chris Eubank Jr says he wants to fight Canelo. He’s interested in getting paid. But, going in there against Canelo? I think it’s not realistic for Eubank Jr. If that fight happens, Canelo would get close to Eubank Jr, hit him hard and hurt him early. Eubank Jr would quickly realize he’s in trouble.”

What’s the takeaway?

“Be careful what you wish for, Chris Eubank Jr. A fight with Canelo Alvarez might not end well for you.”

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