Carl Frampton-Scott Quigg – Now who wins!?

07/19/2015 - By James Slater - Comments

Forget Amir Khan-Kell Brook; the best all-British showdown that can be made right now is Carl Frampton-Scott Quigg. And, in light of the respective showings of the two champions last night, this potentially massive showdown has seen a shift in fan opinion.

Go back to when the fight was first spoken about as a sure-fire sizzler, and Frampton had a slight edge to win in the opinion of maybe 60-percent of the fans/experts. Now, with Quigg blowing away Kiko Martinez – the same Martinez who twice went to war with Frampton – it is no longer the Irishman who is the perceived favourite. Frampton’s stock went down a little with his up-from-the-floor battle with a determined and very tough Alejandro Gonzalez Junior, and now Quigg Vs. Frampton looks like a gamble for the Barry McGuigan-managed star.

But did Frampton perhaps soften up Kiko for Quigg? And how tough a night would Gonzalez Junior give Quigg if the two met?

A fight between Frampton and Quigg would answer plenty of questions, that’s for sure. And the fight would, for the fans, almost certainly tick all the boxes: with excitement and shifting momentum being witnessed and a genuine rivalry being sorted out.

In an ideal world, these two red-hot stars would indeed rumble before the end of this year. Style wise, Quigg Vs. Frampton could not fail to thrill, and both guys, though they have stopped short of trash talking, have a healthy desire to prove something by defeating the other. Frampton showed last night that he has a chin, and that he can overcome serious adversity. Quigg showed great power against the usually durable Martinez. Frampton-Quigg is s risky fight for both warriors, but the winner of this one would be even bigger, while the loser would be able to come again.

Frampton is talking about possibly moving up to featherweight, as making super-bantam is getting tough for him. And Quigg’s promoter Eddie Hearn has said he feels “The Jackal” will dodge his man. Let’s hope not. This 60-40 or 50-50, or however you look at it, match-up needs to happen and not go the way of so many lost mega-fights from previous years.