Canelo Alvarez trashes De La Hoya: He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy

04/28/2021 - By Albert Craine - Comments

Former Golden Boy Promotions star Canelo Alvarez has little good to say about his former boss Oscar De La Hoya, who he states doesn’t do anything within the promotional company, and just focused on drinking.

Speaking to Graham Bensinger, Canelo (55-1-2, 37 KOs) said he wanted to stay loyal to Golden Boy, which is why he stayed with them after former CEO Richard Schaefer left the company years ago.

He says Schaefer wanted to take him with him when he left, but Canelo chose to stay with Golden Boy out of loyalty.

Canelo says Golden Boy is run by other employees within the company, not the CEO De La Hoya, and they’re only interested in themselves, not for the fighters.

Last year, Canelo left Golden Boy, and is now is being promoted by Matchroom Boxing.

He seems happy with his short two-fight deal with the British promotional company, and it’s possible that he could re-sign with them once he finishes his contract after facing Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant this year

CANELO: Look, I don’t like to talk much about people, but I’ve been a very loyal person, always. And I was very loyal, always with Golden Boy.

[De La Hoya] is not Golden Boy. He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy. He’s worried about drinking, and being involved in other things…

“The decisions are made by other people. When Richard Schaefer left Golden Boy, he took all the boxers… And he also wanted to take me – and I was the only boxer that stayed with Golden Boy because I’m a loyal man.

“But then, later I understood why everyone had gone and why Richard Schaefer left. Because those who are in Golden Boy, they are only looking after their own benefit, not the boxer’s benefit.”

Canelo makes it sound like a bleak situation over at Golden Boy Promotions, and you wonder what De La Hoya has to say about some of the things he’s saying about him. Is Golden Boy run by others? Losing Canelo was obviously a huge blow to Golden Boy.

Moreover, this week’s news of Ryan Garcia taking a step back from competing so that he can deal with mental health issues has to be a major blow as well to the company. Will Ryan ever come back?

De La Hoya recently signed a deal with Triller to fight exhibition matches with their organization. It’s unclear why DAZN didn’t sign a deal with De La Hoya to have him fight on their network platform.

What will De La Hoya do with the money he makes from his Triller deal? Will he pour it into his Golden Boy company or keep it?

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