Canelo Alvarez trashes De La Hoya: He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy

Former Golden Boy Promotions star Canelo Alvarez has little good to say about his former boss Oscar De La Hoya, who he states doesn’t do anything within the promotional company, and just focused on drinking.

Speaking to Graham Bensinger, Canelo (55-1-2, 37 KOs) said he wanted to stay loyal to Golden Boy, which is why he stayed with them after former CEO Richard Schaefer left the company years ago.

He says Schaefer wanted to take him with him when he left, but Canelo chose to stay with Golden Boy out of loyalty.

Canelo says Golden Boy is run by other employees within the company, not the CEO De La Hoya, and they’re only interested in themselves, not for the fighters.

Last year, Canelo left Golden Boy, and is now is being promoted by Matchroom Boxing.

He seems happy with his short two-fight deal with the British promotional company, and it’s possible that he could re-sign with them once he finishes his contract after facing Billy Joe Saunders and Caleb Plant this year

CANELO: Look, I don’t like to talk much about people, but I’ve been a very loyal person, always. And I was very loyal, always with Golden Boy.

[De La Hoya] is not Golden Boy. He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy. He’s worried about drinking, and being involved in other things…

“The decisions are made by other people. When Richard Schaefer left Golden Boy, he took all the boxers… And he also wanted to take me – and I was the only boxer that stayed with Golden Boy because I’m a loyal man.

“But then, later I understood why everyone had gone and why Richard Schaefer left. Because those who are in Golden Boy, they are only looking after their own benefit, not the boxer’s benefit.”

Canelo makes it sound like a bleak situation over at Golden Boy Promotions, and you wonder what De La Hoya has to say about some of the things he’s saying about him. Is Golden Boy run by others? Losing Canelo was obviously a huge blow to Golden Boy.

Moreover, this week’s news of Ryan Garcia taking a step back from competing so that he can deal with mental health issues has to be a major blow as well to the company. Will Ryan ever come back?

De La Hoya recently signed a deal with Triller to fight exhibition matches with their organization. It’s unclear why DAZN didn’t sign a deal with De La Hoya to have him fight on their network platform.

What will De La Hoya do with the money he makes from his Triller deal? Will he pour it into his Golden Boy company or keep it?

28 thoughts on “Canelo Alvarez trashes De La Hoya: He doesn’t do anything in Golden Boy”

  1. I really liked Dela Hoya as a fighter his entire career. He lost fights he should have won, should have beaten Mayweather, a number of fights he took the last half off, and he should have blown Sturm out and lost that fight they gave him. Not a very smart fighter, and now you’re seeing he’s not real smart outside of the ring, despite a big bank account. I’ve grown to not really like hearing anything from this guy. He’s like Amir Khan, makes a real a** of himself every time he talks. All his bs about wanting to get into politics, saying Trump cheated on the golf course, feuding with Dana White, making a mess with Canelo, now his comeback talks saying he’s going to name “a very dangerous high level fighter” he’s about to fight (which every week goes by and no name), then his recent spew at ringside “commentating” … he’s got problems.

  2. I love boxing and have been a big fan all my life and i agree that triple GGG put heat on canelo like no one else has, and i believe he picks his fighter to build his record, i desagree that he’s the best,one of the best if not the best was juan manuel marquez now that champ ducked no one!! He faught younger fighters that thought they could retire him and make a name but got dusted!!my great champ,J.M Marquez

  3. Canelo is not afraid of anyone. He is the best boxer in the world right now. Nobody can’t beat him!

  4. Canelo is one of the best fighters out there not the best but boxing has been a joke for the past 10 years … Because of their promoters they are the ones who don’t want that fighters to lose if it was up to the boxers they would fight anyone that challenges them don’t blame the fighters the fighters will ALWAYS be fighters… Well a couple of them…

  5. The Sweet Science has post its soul. It was ruined by Cable TV, PPV, and the Alphabet of Boxing Organizations. The mid 60′ thru 80’s was Boxing’s best era, when Boxing was broadcast on just about every weekend on any of the three major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC). You could see the best fighting the best. Not just prospects, but Championship fights. Network TV is where the legends of the game like Ali, Hagler, Leonard, Duran, etc became household and international names. I pray for a SINGLE governing body, with ONE undisputed champion per division, and the return of the sport to network television, and that my prayers be answered in my lifetime.

    • Canelo left golden boy cause of the 3rd rematch that Oscar promised the boxing fans.GGG rocked Canelos world so that’s why was scared and brought out excuses.

  6. Canelo is afraid of African American fighters. I’m Latino and use to love Duran v. Leonard, Chavez v. Taylor, De La Hoya v. Whitaker. Canelo is building his rep by side stepping real fighters.

    • Lol Crawford ducks any top fighter black white brown…he fought benavidez who has 1 good leg and brags about it hes a joke he needs to stay quiet

    • I dont think he’s afraid….those same African American boxers won’t fight each other … so why should he fight them…they need Canelo more than what he needs them.

    • You 100% correct. Aside from taking the Mayweather fight that made him some great money, hes ducked just about every real contender in the division. Canelo hasnt been the same since fighting GGG and has faught nothing but bums since GGG. He needs to turn around his career before he really becomes the laughing stock of the division

  7. I told people years ago, canelo will get away from de la Hoya, all he does is use people to his benefit.

  8. Dela Hoya was made just like many others, boxing is not what it use to be prior to the 80s,I use to be a huge fan, boxing is boring, its all about money and putting on a show,fire works ! REALLY?

    • UFC Sucks! Guys hugging each other with balls in their face no ty!! Id rather wath the sweet science🥊🥊

  9. Mentira o verdad, estos comentarios son como una puñalada trapera,
    Oscar es un verdadero campeón dentro o fuera del ring y gracias a lo que Oscar a hecho, muchos “CHamps” entre ellos el CANELAS han amasado una muy buena fortuna boxeando para Golden Boy Promociones.

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