Canelo Alvarez Says He’d KO Gennady Golovkin In A Third Fight – But Would He Really?

What is Canelo Alvarez’ most impressive KO win? Maybe it’s his icing of the tough Carlos Baldomir, this from quite early on in the Mexican’s career. Or maybe you point to his light-heavyweight win over Sergey Kovalev. Or perhaps you feel Canelo’s destruction of James Kirkland ranks as his most eye-catching KO. But one thing is agreed: if Canelo fights arch-rival Gennady Golovkin a third time and knocks him out, as he says will be the case, this would rank as the biggest, most impressive KO of Canelo’s career.

But can he do it? Canelo told that he strongly feels he would “likely knock him out and do some serious damage” if he fought GGG a third time. Canelo also said that he “beat him twice already,” and that he has nothing to prove. Agree with that if you want, but plenty of us feel Canelo DOES need to take that third fight with GGG, and he needs to win decisively (something he did not do in either fight-one or fight-two, at least in the opinion of a good number of fans, this one included).

Up at 168, where the 30 year old says he feels most comfortable right now, Canelo would have plenty of advantages over GGG. He’d be younger, bigger and physically stronger. It sure would be a tough fight for Triple-G. Still, if the Kazakh did manage to win it, or if he at least give Canelo a tough, hard fight, one that went to the wire, it would perhaps be Golovkin coming out looking like the super hero. To repeat, Canelo has everything on his side in a return at 168. As such, maybe Canelo would indeed KO Golovkin.

And that would be some sight.

GGG has a superb chin and he has never come close to being stopped in over 40 pro fights. In the interests of fairness, GGG and Canelo should have had their third and final fight by now, and at middleweight, where the rivalry began. But things have changed and Canelo is in the driving seat as far as making demands. Can Golovkin, 41-1-1(36) effectively bulk up to super-middleweight at age 39? If not, Canelo may well run over him in a third fight. If it happens.

Canelo, 54-1-2(36) has made a pretty bold prediction, but it would have been a far bolder prediction had the Mexican star dared to make it back in 2017 or 2018.

2 thoughts on “Canelo Alvarez Says He’d KO Gennady Golovkin In A Third Fight – But Would He Really?”

  1. If Clenelo really believed that he could KO Golovkin then we would have seen a third fight by now.
    It seems the ginger ninja has been staying away from Golovkin until he’s even older.
    It will take at least all of 2021 for Clenelo to unify all the belts at 168 like Clenelo says he intends – so that means the third Golovkin fight could take place in May 2022 at the earliest – Golovkin would be 40 years old and at least 8 years beyond his prime.

    IMHO Golovkin was robbed in the first fight, lost the second when he should have been given a close victory and has been kept waiting waaay too long for the opportunity to avenge that (incorrect) defeat. He has been treated very badly by both Golden Boy and Clenelo.
    Now that Clenelo is a free agent – if the third fight doesn’t happen in 2021 then only he is to blame.

  2. the big mouth Canelo boasting…he really ducks GGG for the third time because he is not confident if the judges will protect him again like his previous two fights where he was severely punished by GGG.This Cownelo prefers hiding himself under the bed instead of facing GGG.Once this paper champion with gift belt is a coward he will always be a coward forever.He left Golden Boy Promotion because this cherry picking boxer could not stand being pressed to face GGG for trilogy.All boxing fans know it very well…He can not cheat the world.

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