Canelo Alvarez believes he’d beat Mayweather now

Still seemingly bitter about his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr from eight years ago in 2013, Canelo Alvarez firmly believes that he’d defeat the 44-year-old star if they were to fight today.

With the improvements that the younger and now much bigger 30-year-old WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Canelo (55-1-2, 37 KOs) has made over the years with trainer Eddy Reynoso, he believes he’d beat Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) now.

Unfortunately, Mayweather retired from boxing four long years ago in 2017 after his mismatch with UFC fighter Conor McGregor and expressed no interest in coming out of retirement to fight active fighters, particularly ones in their prime.

Mayweather has found a new method of bringing in easy money by fighting exhibition bouts against famous people, and in doing so, he’s created an avenue for other retired boxers to make good cash returning to the ring.

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“Without a doubt, I would beat him, it would be a very different fight. I am a more mature fighter, it would be a totally different fight,” Canelo said to Univision about his belief that he’d beat the 44-year-old Mayweather now.

Given that Mayweather hasn’t had a serious fight against a prime boxer since his win over an injured Manny Pacquiao in 2015, it’s safe to say now that Canelo would beat him if they fought now.

What Canelo is failing to realize is that boxing fans wouldn’t be impressed with him beating Mayweather now. At this point, it would be wretched to see Canelo reduced to trying to avenge his loss against Mayweather with him having been out of the ring for so many years.

Where’s the gain for Canelo, other than financially, in taking on the former six-division world champion Floyd Jr now?

Eight years ago, Mayweather defeated Canelo by a 12 round majority decision on September 14th, 2013 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The judges’ scores: 117-111, 116-112 for Mayweather, and 114-114.

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Interestingly the judge that scored the fight even at 114-114, CJ Ross, took withering criticism from the boxing public for her score, as the fight was a one-sided affair from start to finish with Mayweather schooling an inept Canelo, making him look like a pupil inside the ring.

Although much has been said about Canelo having learned from that loss to Floyd Jr, we didn’t see the improvements immediately, as was out-boxed by Cuban talent Erislandy Lara a year later, but was given a highly controversial 12 round split decision victory.

Lara did the same things that Mayweather did to Canelo, but he lacked the popularity and found himself on the receiving end of a questionable decision that many boxing fans to this day still view as a robbery.

“I have more experience, I learned a lot,” Canelo continued about the change in his game since his lss to Mayweather.

“I said that this was not going to stop me [losing to Mayweather], that I would be the best in the world at some point; it hurt a lot because I wanted to win,” said Canelo.

Well, Canelo has been successful in the aftermath of his loss to Mayweather. Still, he’s had four controversial fights that he arguably could have lost to Lara, Gennadiy Golovkin, and Miguel Cotto. Many boxing fans also believe Canelo should have lost to Austin Trout.

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What we can say is Canelo has improved since his loss to Mayweather, but he’s NOT improved enough to beat the best fighters he’s faced conclusively. What we do know is Canelo is popular and very hard to beat by a decision, particularly when fighting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But you would have to agree with Canelo that he can finally beat Mayweather now, but there would no real victory. Canelo had his chance in 2013 to beat a still relatively prime Mayweather, and he failed.

Now, Canelo has to live with his defeat and not let his bitterness get the best of him.

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  1. Delahoya outpointed mayweather even mayweather.s dad said so. Mayweather would mot have knocked out or outpointed chavez in his prime

    • Why don’t Canelo Alvarez just fight Andre Ward? If he feel that he can beat FLOYD MAYWEATHER then why not prep a major bout against a formidable contender that people are willing to pay and watch?

  2. May. Is good but i no that sometime is cheating in Judge . cause the way how he do id not enough to WINE. So something the publice see. . and pay for to watch. .God is out their GUYS. . .Q

    • he out punchs he opponents, he lands direct shots anf he gets hit less. why do you have to cheat when you can clearly see above him beating Canelo like he beats all his fighters


    • Agree down this the time to buy Jamal Charlo for a super fight prove yourself by beating the best leave no doubt you are a great fighter I believe you would come out on top of do you believe that

  4. When discussing Mayweather, there’s no need to speak hypothetically. Facts prevail. Fact # 1. He beat a young, talented, strong Canelo – easily and in his late 30’s. Fact # 2. He beat a talented, strong multi-divisional champ; Pacman, easily. One can attempt to make the argument that Manny was old and past his prime however, doing so would suggest Mayweather didn’t age either. As if somehow he stayed young. Fact remains, he was older than Manny when they fought. Arguing that Canelo and Manny would beat Mayweather now, is like finally being able to afford an IPhone 4 in 2021 and boasting about it. All 3 fighters were/great however, the ill-advised comments about Mayweather will never deminish the facts..

  5. Everyone thinks he could beat Floyd now but y’all think Floyd would fight him at the weight he’s at now? Lol he’ll make C lose to much weight. He can’t fight him at 140 or 147 and beat Floyd. Too 🐌

  6. Give me 1 last chance Boxing world! I wasted the 200 million $ that I earned in my career and I no longer own a home. I just need 1 more fight so I can move out of the 2 bedroom home I’m renting.


  7. Canelo is the biggest coward in boxing. His own father said he’s truly embarassed to have him as a son after hearing this quote.

  8. By the way…Juan Manuel Marquez defeated Pacquiao the majority of their fights but was robbed. I was so extatic to see him knock Pacquiao out cold…leaving him motionless on the canvas. Even then I thought the judges would have Pacquiao winning a split decision. Floyd beat Canelo CONVINCINGLY, every round ror 12 rounds and was still given a split decision win.

    • You say Marquez knocked Pacquiao yes but everybody knows he was taking Steriods, never looked like knocking Pacquiao down then all of a sudden he does twice in the fight & never looked like knocking Bradley out tells you everything!!!!

  9. I’ll bet I could tell almost everyone’s ethnicity by their comments…and that’s a shame. The jealousy and envy is real! The more SUPERIOR boxer won in both the Canelo and Pacquiao fights. Get over it.

  10. Serafim Todorov & Augie Sanchez both defeated Floyd Mayweather in the Olympics because Floyd was still green but he didn’t allow for those two loses to define him, in fact, he would far surpass them both & yes Canelo lost because Canelo was still green & he didn’t allow that loss to define him, he made a comeback & became a totally different fighter, in fact, if Floyd gave Canelo a rematch, the outcome would be far different today, the student who received the loss from his teacher would in a karmic turning of the tides return the favor & give Floyd his 1st loss in the pros as a thank you.

    • Anyone can say what WOULD happen today. That doesn’t make it fact. Claiming Canelo was green when he fought Floyd is as big an excuse as claiming Pacquiao was injured during his fight with Floyd. Canelo had plenty of fight experience and had faced credible opponents. Hating Floyd will not make Canelo or Pacquiao a better boxer than Floyd. Floyd’s superior athleticism, ring I.Q. and will to win is what defeated all of those he faced. Live with the fact that Floyd is the G.O.A.T. whether you hate him or not.

    • 53 fights is green? Mike tyson was 20 when he won the championship stop crying and stop with the excuses

    • Floyd is almost social security benefit eligible and you want canelo to fight him now? …goes to show how bitter you are and weak minded

  11. Serafim Todorov & Augie Sanchez both defeated Floyd Mayweather in the Olympics because Floyd was still green but he didn’t allow for those two loses to define him, in fact, he would far surpass them both & yes Canelo lost because Canelo was still green & he didn’t allow that loss to define him, he made a comeback & became a totally different fighter, in fact, if Floyd gave Canelo a rematch, the outcome would be far different today, the student who received the loss from his teacher would in a karmic turning of the tides return the favor & give Floyd his 1st loss as a thank you.

  12. Camelo your done you coulden them you can now chaves has a better chance winning you now chaves is a people champion something you’ll never be…joepinon

  13. LOL…Nobody wants to hear Canelo after getting Schooled by Mayweather and it wasn’t Close….That Ship done Sailed…
    Canelo need to worry about the Fighters out there Now…

  14. Got act like when Pacquiao with supposedly diminished, then Mayweather wasn’t aging also. Man could not have flip that much, he’s still fighting. He just got beat.

  15. His controversial wins to Miguel Cotto & Austin Trout? He clearly won those fights who wrote this biased article lol

  16. Canelo don’t need to fight Floyd no more he’s already the top paid boxer. His resume will look a lot more impressive in the end. And one more thing to say, a true boxer should retire when their health is depleted not when they see defeat in their fate.

  17. Why would Canelo even engage in talking about a fighter who is in his mid 40s and retired? Canelo had his opportunity and lost. How can he claim to be the best fighter and talk seriously about beating an old retired boxer? Too me, that makes him seem sour. Fight the top fighters who are calling you out. That will prove how good you are. Talking about beating Mayweather now, won’t.

  18. Responsible journalists base their articles on facts not personal or biased opinions and rumors and comments should be researched or investigated before posting.

  19. Canelo always feels he can beat fighters out of they’re pronprime,retired or haven’t fought in two or more years. His own Mexican boxing stars say the same about him. The difference is he couldn’t beat Floyd then and couldn’t now. He should continue ducking the young lions in his division like he always does.

  20. Canelo will fight and beat Benavidez, Charlo and Andrade after his next two fights against champions. Canelo haters love to hate.

    • Carmelo would suffer the first knockout of his career if he faces Charlie. Canelos skill level is definitely better than Charles but charlo can take canelos best punch. Can canelo take Charlos best punch. Very doubtful.

    • Who the heck is hating. U got a primed Canelo calling out a mid 40’s year old retired boxer that whooped and embarrassed him in 2013 after calling for that fight against Money May. u sound ignant and cheerleadish, 😂🤣😂.

    • Canelo isn’t going anywhere near those guys until they diminish and he can get stolen rounds. He should have lost against GGG twice and he aged him too. He missed weight at 154 in 2013 and wouldn’t fight the 160 champ until he was mid 30’s

  21. I believe if Canelo could go back in time and fight Mayweather back then as today’s version (of Canelo), he would knock Mayweather out! Thank God we don’t have to watch boring, waiting until fighters are out of their prime, Mayweather anymore! Praise the Lord! BTW, if chicken liver, bragging Mayweather would fight Pacquiao in a rematch, Manny would whip him but Good! If Manny shows he is slipping, then Mayweather would call him out; that is his MO!

  22. Alot of floyd haters he made me a ton of money i knew he would win every fight because floyd is the smartest fighter ive ever seen no fighter wants to take punishment and if those fighters paced themselves instead of trying to knock money out exhausting themselves by the 6th or 7th round and Floyd picks them off the later rounds very smart you ask me speed kills if you have enough and that philly shell defense if you want to fight someone fight pacman he’s still got two or three fights left in him Keith Thurman and broner found out the hard way i still got pacman over crawford run up on pac if you want to he will hurt you nelo is a beast hands down but i want to see him fight crawford and pacman and the elite jerry jones prodigal son when he’s healed up more other than that Floyd is retired he fought everything and everyone no one left for money to fight except exhibitions but if you come with the right price money will fight but it will be same result that i dont want to see chasing money till he out points you whats the point ????? Fight pacman hes just a good let me guess nobody wants pac 😂

    • The world knows Mayweather lost to Costillo in the 1st fight and De La Hoya ( who Floyd conveniently let him age) should have got a draw. MAYWEATHER LOST 8 OUT OF 12 ROUNDS TO CASTILLO AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! HE SHOULD NOT BE UNDEFEATED!He now fights Japanese Midgets, Kick Boxers and wants to fight comedians! What a man??? How did they count McGregor fight on his boxing record? That is ridiculous!

    • Crawford is a good switch hitter. Very unorthodox with alot of power. He will be the man to retire Manny.

    • THAT IS RIDICULOUS! IF they fight again, I will become rich! Mayweather won’t fight Canelo or Manny as long as they are winning! He fights bums now who he knows he can beat!

    • You seem really stupid…he had his chance when Floyd was 36 years old….now you want a. Older Floyd yo give him a rematch? ….sit down somewhere idiot

  23. Mayweather will never be a great fighter to knowledgeable boxing fans. His ko record sucks because he ran around the ring too much and failed to really entertain the public cheating the boxing fans of their money for a lackluster performance Everytime. Moneyman? I am proud to say that from me he never got a dime because I never watched his track meets!

    • You miss the point of what boxing is. It is to hit and not get hit. Punch and not get punched and mostly to win by points or KO. That is what Mayweather did by using the best defense in boxing. Canelo used his head to block Mayweather punches and thats why he loss. 😂 😂 😂.

    • So stepping back dogging punches is running lol. Also ducking an going side to side with leg movement is running lmao yall so dumb😂

    • Stupid comment.. learn boxing. It requires defense. If me hitting you and you not hitting me makes me a bumb I’m ok with that. Boxing is not a street fight, its a science that requires skill and technique not just brut power and taking punches. And I’m sure he never noticed he didnt get a dime from

    • You obviously don’t know the sweet science of boxing go you, why don’t you start watching elephant polo

    • You got to be the dumbest person on here you don’t know s*** about professional sports his job is to entertain the public or the whoop the man in front of him is called boxing stupid hit and not get hit what the f****** drugs are you on Checkmate clown kitchen jealousy out of here

    • Charlo hasn’t fought anybody with a name. He should fight GGG first and if he wins he’s good, if he loses he’s just an unproven overrated chump!

  24. Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao he wasn’t injured its always funny when they get beat, and then claim that they was injured..
    Mayweather true champion take your lost bro and move on..

    • He was proven! Verified by Freddie Roach. His shoulder was shot after round 5. Let’s see that Chicken Shi* fight Pacquiao; he would be destroyed!

  25. That loss is going to haunt him for the rest of his life. Just like Frazier ‘s feelings towards Ali.

    • Uum, Frazier beat Ali on March 08, 1971, thus ending Ali’s undefeated record. That fight was the first fight ever between two undefeated Heavyweight Champions

  26. Canelo lost to lara as well and i dont feel he tied with triple G the first fight the second fight was a draw but he lost the first fight

  27. This dude thinkn bout Mayweather and that fight was over 5 yrs ago of course he’d say that after he done moved up 3 damn weight classes and Mayweather is long retired this is what I call RENT FREE! Need 2 focus on andrade and Jermall oh yeah I 4got he on his weak ass European Tour 🤦🏿‍♂️

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