Canelo Alvarez Appears To Have Changed His Mind On David Benavidez Fight: “I’d Beat That Guy”

By James Slater - 05/03/2024 - Comments

Canelo Alvarez seems to have changed his mind regarding taking a fight with David Benavidez; “The Mexican Monster” being the man who called and called for a fight with Canelo, with so many fans also wanting/craving the fight. Canelo previously stated he would not fight Benavidez, then the Mexican superstar said he would be open to fighting Benavodez if he were paid a whopping, great $200 million.

Canelo had to listen to a fair bit of criticism for “ducking” Benavidez and/or pricing himself out of the fight. But now, in speaking with ESPN, Canelo said he will fight Benavidez and he will beat him. Canelo even stated he would fight Benavidez tomorrow night, the same night he will as we know fight Jaime Munguia.

“We’ll see, why not?” Canelo said on the subject of a fight with Benavidez. “If the money is correct, why not? I can fight him Saturday night, too. Yeah of course, of course. I’d beat that guy. If the money is correct, I’d fight that guy and I’d beat that guy the same night, I don’t f*****g care.”

It sounds as though Canelo’s pride has been jarred by accusations of him looking to “duck” Benavidez. It would of course be interesting to know what Canelo’s idea of “the correct money is.” Does Canelo still expect that gargantuan $200million, or would be take a significantly smaller sum to give Benavidez, and we fans, what we all want?

Still, Benavidez is making the move up to 175 pounds in June, and it might not be realistic for him to ever come back down to 168 after bulking up, that or Benavidez would perhaps be compromised physically by boiling back down to super-middle. That said, if Canelo is serious and HE calls out Benavidez, it seems Benavidez would be unable to do anything but push his body in getting back down to 168 to take the fight he wanted for so long.

This article may be guilty of doing Munguia a disservice, though. For if the unbeaten warrior pulls off the upset tomorrow night, Canelo will not be looking at fighting David Benavidez or anyone else. Some fans were critical of Canelo for taking Munguia instead of Benavidez. Nobody will be saying anything along those lines if Munguia can cause the sensation and become just the third man to have beaten Canelo!