Caleb Plant punches Canelo Alvarez in the jaw during face off

IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant wasn’t playing around on Tuesday during his kick-off press conference with Canelo Alvarez for their November 6th fight.

During the face-off between the two champions, Plant said something to Canelo that caused him to push him really hard. It was a hard enough shove that it sent Plant on the other side of the stage.

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When Plant came back, he threw a sneaky left hook that caught Canelo flush on his lantern jaw. Canelo then fired back with a right hand before the two fighters were separated.

Based on punches landed, Plant got the better of the action, showing off his superior hand speed in the process.

Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) let Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) know that he’s going to whip him in their fight on Showtime PPV, and be the one that is announced as the new undisputed super middleweight champion.

Plant calls Canelo a “drug cheat”

“I don’t need you guys to believe in me because I’ve been doing it my whole life. So mark my words, on November 6th, you will hear the words, ‘The new undisputed super world middleweight.’ The only difference is that immediately after that, you’ll hear, ‘And still undefeated.’ Mark my words,” said Plant.

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At that point, Plant let loose on Canelo and his trainer Eddy Reynoso, calling him a “drug cheat.”

Canelo then told Plant, “Don’t make excuses before the fight. You’re going to see something special on you.”

“He’s going to pay on November 6th,” said Canelo. “You know when somebody bothers me with a lot of s***, they know. I have something special for him.

“Nothing,” said Canelo when asked if he said anything during his face-off with Plant. “I always like to say in the ring. But like I say, I have something special for him.

“That’s what I want for my career,” Canelo said about wanting to be the undisputed super middleweight champion. “This fight is very important for me.

“They can do whatever they want, but it’s him and me in the ring,” said Canelo when asked about his thoughts on Andre Ward helping Plant prepare for their fight. “I really don’t care. I just go and put my skills and my experience and that’s it.

“You’re going to see,” said Canelo when asked what does he have “special” for Plant on November 6th.

If the punches were exchanged during the face-off is any indication of how the fight will play out, you have to give Plant a real chance of winning this fight over Canelo. Plant is too quick, too big, and just too sneaky for Canelo.

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21 thoughts on “Caleb Plant punches Canelo Alvarez in the jaw during face off”

  1. All these Camelot fans saying he didn’t get touched with the swift left. Yes he did. Also it’s not a sucker punch when Camelot shoved him to set-off the exchange. Both fighters swung and connected.
    It’s time to buy tickets, this is gonna be a doozy!

  2. First he didn’t even hit him and canelo landed a left articles bs 😂😂 we all can clearly see

  3. First i thought this was clickbate but as i skimmed thru this i realized that either this guy is dumb and cant tell between an actual punch or open hand not to mention the fact Plant missed as Canelo swerved on him and fed Plant a 2 piece. Or this guy is not a journalist or reporter just a blogger that cant get the facts straight. This guy smh

  4. This article is a joke. Yah Caleb got shoved. He then came back with a sneaky open handed slap which Canelo swerved away from and countered with an immediate left right combo to Plants melon. Watch it in slomo, Canelos left, left a cut under Caleb’s right eye. Lucky it was open handed otherwise Caleb’s orbital bone might have been caved in.

  5. Rob.

    Integrity is a currency that shouldn’t be spent on click bait. It’s not to late for you to become a creative voice with substance.

    • Yeah wtf it was the other way round. Caleb missed a sucker punch and Canelo got him good with a counter. Even opened Caleb up.

  6. This article is all wrong Caleb Plant trying to sucker Punch Canelo which did not work and got caught with a one too combination Canelo clearly got the best of cable plan he’s down in the scorecards to to nothing

  7. Sorry to whoever wrote this article but I have watch the clip five times on YouTube but Caleb Plant never touched Canelo he tried to sucker punch him and Canelo 🙈 swirved and countered Plant with a 2 piece combination which means he got caught with the left hook right hand

    • Yes this dude that wrote this article is apparently blind as hell plant got outboxed in 2 seconds 😆 🤣 😂

  8. Excuse me? Plant didn’t land that punch and took a counter right and left in the process

  9. Dumbest article I’ve ever read. Totally biased. Canelo out boxes, out smarts, and works lame plant.

  10. You straight up liar he did not land no open hand fingers even a slap you said a punch you better go watch that again

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