Boente: Vitali to make decision on career in mid-December

By Dwight Chittenden: WBC heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko will be making a decision about whether he’ll retire or not by mid-December according to his manager Bernd Boente. Vitali’s political career is what could be the factor for him retiring if he chooses to step away from the boxing game.

Boente said to Sky Sports news “Vitali will not make a decision before December or the beginning of next year…Whether Vitali fights on depends on the political situation.”

There’s really only one interesting fight available for Vitali if he does choose to fight on and that’s former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye. However, Boente for some reason doesn’t seem all that eager to make this fight judging by some of the things that he’s saying about Haye. Instead of looking to encourage Haye, Boente said “We don’t take him seriously. He’s like a little dog that barks all the time.”

That doesn’t sound like Boente wants the fight or maybe it’s Vitali doesn’t want the fight. It doesn’t make a lot of sense because that’s pretty much the only fight that boxing fans really want to see Vitali fight. They don’t want to see Vitali face German based fighter Manuel Charr anymore, they don’t want to see Vitali destroy Tomasz Adamek again, and they don’t want to see him fight a limited slugger like Dereck Chisora. And they also don’t want to see Vitali fight Chris Arreola again. It’s unfortunate but Haye is the only one out there for Vitali to fight, and Boente is comparing him to a little dog. It’s very odd and hard to understand.

It’s almost as if Boente doesn’t want to make the fight for some reason, when that’s the fight that Vitali should be taking. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vitali fight guys like Tyson Fury, David Price and Kubrat Pulev, but that’s not realistic. Price and Fury seem to be waiting him out until he gets old and retires or gets older and has lost his skills enough to where they would stand a chance. Pulev might take the fight and that would likely be far more competitive than Vitali vs. Haye.