Bellew-Haye II “Virtually Dead” says Hearn

08/02/2017 - By James Slater - Comments

Those fight fans who want, and have wanted since March, to see bitter British rivals Tony Bellew and David Haye fight a rematch will likely be disappointed. Though the two heavyweights engaged in talks after the March fight, won by Bellew in an upset, they have come to nothing; much to the chagrin of promoter Eddie Hearn.

Bellew, who stopped Haye late – this after the big favourite had severely damaged his Achilles, reduced as he was to basically a one-legged fighter – reportedly demanded the lion’s share of the purse going into a return, and Haye has not been forthcoming. This is one way to look at the collapse of the fight anyway.

“I don’t think Bellew-Haye will happen,” Hearn told Sky Sports. “Although there was hugs and kisses in the ring after the fight, trying to get these two to agree to anything is a complete disaster. Tony Bellew feels like he got the win, so he should get the benefits of the win, and David Haye feels like Bellew still isn’t on his level. When you’re talking about ring walks, who goes first on the poster, changing rooms, splits – all this kind of stuff, it’s impossible. I think at this stage, Bellew-Haye II is virtually dead.”

Though a rematch would have proven interesting, the sport can afford to lose this one; it’s not as though we are talking about a rematch to Ali-Frazier, after all. Of course, back in the days when those two heavyweights legends were doing their stuff, there wasn’t anything like as much pettiness over ring walks and whose face appeared bigger on the fight poster. The greats just got on with it, to see who was the better fighter.

Too bad Bellew and Haye can’t act a little old-school when it comes to negotiating a fight. At least it’s too bad for those fans who cared about seeing Bellew Vs. Haye II.

Bellew has also looked at fighting WBO heavyweight champ Joseph Parker, but Hughie Fury has that assignment next; while nothing is currently going on regarding Bellew facing Andre Ward. As for Haye, he is expected to return to action in December, but now it appears as though it will not be against Bellew.