Babic Wants To Fight Rivas For The Bridgerweight Title

By James Slater - 11/01/2021 - Comments

How far can thrill-a-minute heavyweight contender (you may still think of him as a prospect) Alen Babic go? This is a question plenty of people have been asking ever since they first laid eyes on “The Savage,” as the Croatian is known, and his all-out brawling approach. Currently still only 9-0(9) and, in the words of his promoter Eddie Hearm, “still a novice,” Babic has yet to go beyond the fifth round in a pro fight.

But Babic, who took some hefty right hands from Eric Molina on Saturday night, this before Molina capitulated in round-two (he has since announced his retirement and we wish Molina well), is thinking big. We’ve heard Babic call out his countryman Filip Hrgovic, but that is a fight that really does seem to be too much for Babic, as good as Hrgovic is. Still, Babic has nothing but fiery words to say whenever Hrgovic’s name is mentioned and he seems to really think he can win that one.

Another man Babic wants to fight, perhaps next, is brand new WBC bridgerweight champ Oscar Rivas. Hearn has said he would prefer to match Babic up with Ryan Rozicki, the man who gave Rivas a good and exciting fight in the first-ever bridgerweight world title fight on October 22; Rozicki losing on points. Babic against Rozicki would indeed be a very interesting fight. Both men have a fan-friendly style and both men are somewhat similar in terms of pro experience; Rozicki being 13-1(13).

But if Babic can beat Rozicki, how would his chances be against Rivas? Again, Hearn says he sees his fighter as a relative novice compared to Rivas, who is 28-1(19) and has never been stopped. But there aren’t too many big fights to be made at bridgerweight, not yet anyway. Is Rivas Vs. Babic a big fight? Perhaps not, but all those fans who love watching Babic do his thing, as in throw punches in rapid succession until the other man is beaten, would certainly tune in if this one came off.

Babic believes he has a rock chin, he has some great momentum going right now and of course, an unbeaten fighter does not know HOW to lose. Would Rivas, who is actually a half-inch shorter than Babic, be way too good for the bearded brute? Or would Babic again be able to turn the fight into his kind of fight and proceed to get the biggest win of his career?

Alen Babic as WBC bridgerweight champion of the world? Stranger things have happened. Would YOU watch if Rivas Vs Babic was made some time in 2022? Of course you would.