Arum says Pacquiao vs. Bradley II almost as significant as De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao was

“Whether he [Manny Pacquiao] ever fights Floyd Mayweather or doesn’t fight Mayweather, this is the most important fight of Manny’s career, next to the Oscar De La Hoya fight,” said Arum in a recent interview.

Thus far Manny Pacquaio’s career has been very exhilarating, for his boxing fans as well as for himself. He has broken ground too many times to mention, while accumulating a colossal amount of boxing fans. Most of his boxing career was Manny beating the odds, moving forward at a scary pace. Since it is common knowledge that all good things come to an end, Pacquiao suffered a very debatable (according to an entire army of boxing fans) loss to Timothy Bradley, and a stunning knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

Losing has a different effect on every fighter, where some will take away a lesson and come back stronger, while others will sulk in their defeat.

Coming back and beating Brandon Rios, unfortunately did not dictate whether Pacquiao is back to his former self, or is just enough to challenge the B-class fighters.

Back to what Bob Arum has suggested about the Bradley rematch being right behind the De La Hoya bout as far as its implication goes, at this point in time, I would have to agree.

Losing to Bradley should be a retirement forcing outcome. There isn’t any time for Pacquaio to fall down in the ranks and climb the ladder again.

Decisively beating Bradley on the other hand, can indicate that Pacquiao is capable of facing top notch competition, and could possibly lead to another blockbuster fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

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