Arum: Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight Marquez in U.S because he’d have to pay high taxes

arum453By Rob Smith: Bob Arum says Manny Pacquiao will be looking to fight Juan Manuel Marquez outside of the United States for their fifth fight in September to escape the high taxes in the country. Pacquiao and Marquez both want to avoid the taxes for this fight, and Arum is planning on staging it in Mexico in Mexico City.

Arum said to ringtv “Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight in the United States because he’d have to give close to 40% [in taxes] to the government…They [Pacquiao and Marquez] would prefer for the fight not to be in the United States. That’s what happens when you raise taxes and you say ‘Well, let the rich pay.’”

That sounds like a good move for Arum, Pacquiao and Marquez. If they can get the U.S pay per view money tax free, then more power to them. They’re probably saving a bundle by making this move, and who knows how much time those guys have left in their careers. One more knockout loss for Pacquiao and it could be over, and Marquez will be 40-years-old by the time he faces Pacquiao for their fifth fight in September.

It’s not likely Marquez will want to stick around beyond the fifth fight unless Arum puts them together for a 6th fight, which is distinct possibility if the fight has a controversial and/or exciting ending. Arum is 81, and will be turning 82 in December. You can’t blame him for wanting to stage the Pacquiao-Marquez fight outside of the country to avoid taxes. That money might not be there once Pacquiao is retired.

Arum has ruled out a Pacquiao tune-up fight in September because his team tried to find a venue in one of the Asian countries but they were unable to find one that was suitable. They had hoped of staging it in Macau but the venue wanted for April has already been booked.