Andy Ruiz Tells Dillian Whyte To “Stop Playing The Victim Card”

As fight fans know, Andy Ruiz and Dillian Whyte got into it on social media earlier this year, the two slinging insults at one another. Whyte, along with poking fun at the former heavyweight champ’s weight, accused him of not having the guts to face him in the ring. It came as no reason then, when “The Destroyer” could not stop himself from laughing out loud when Whyte got clocked by Alexander Povetkin a week ago today.

Ruiz took to social media to express his joy at what happened to the man who had taunted him as well as plenty of other heavyweights. And just hours ago, Ruiz took to social media again, this time telling Whyte to “stop playing the victim card.” Ruiz – still to return to the ring following his disappointing loss to Anthony Joshua in their huge December 2019 rematch – is sick and tired of the way Whyte has, in his opinion, been expecting sympathy over what happened to him in that 5th round at Matchroom HQ on August 22.

“Stop playing the victim card, bro… You talk all this shit, disrespect your opponent at weigh-ins, post stupid memes and now we gotta feel sorry for you cause you got KO’d? #gtfoh,” Ruiz wrote on his twitter page.

It’s true Whyte, always a vocal person, has gotten into it with just about any big name heavyweight you care to mention – be it Ruiz, Joshua, Tyson Fury, Luis Ortiz, Deontay Wilder…and on and on. Whyte has insulted each and every one of them on multiple occasions and as such it is hard to disagree with Ruiz right now. Whyte ain’t getting any sympathy for his loss. Bottom line.

Whyte will now hopefully keep his head down, see out his 28 day suspension and then get back in the gym and work hard ahead of the rematch with Povetkin he simply has to win or else. Whyte has no time, or need, for any further trash-talking.

As for Ruiz Vs. Whyte, that fight remains an interesting match-up, a fight fans would like to see still. But right now, Whyte can only afford to think about Povetkin. Who will get the last laugh – Ruiz or Whyte?