Cassius Chaney Stops A Grossly Overweight Chauncy Welliver In Four – Boxing Results

Last night in Florida, unbeaten heavyweight hope Cassius Chaney picked up his first win of the year by stopping veteran Chauncy Welliver in four rounds. But as pleased as 33 year old Chaney will be at having been able to fight and win in 2020, the big – as in BIG – talking point regarding last night’s fight was Welliver’s physical appearance. Tipping-in at a career-heavy 378 pounds, Welliver of Spokane looked more like a Sumo Wrestler than a pro boxer.

It’s hard to imagine how 37 year old Welliver trained at all for the fight, as grossly out of condition as he was. Chaney, now based in New London, Connecticut, had things all his own way, his fast hands landing at will. Welliver suffered an injury to his right arm and the spectacle was halted in the fourth round. Chaney is now 19-0(13). Welliver, who was having his first fight since 2018 and just his third since 2016, falls to 57-13-5(23).

It has to be repeated how poorly conditioned Welliver was upon entering the ring last night. In fact, harsher critics would say Welliver should not have been permitted to box. Barely able to move around the ring, Welliver – who was once a decent fighter, once beating Rob Calloway and a faded Bert Cooper – was a pitiful sight. Chaney has good skills, speed and movement, and though the fighter who looks like a 1970s heavyweight with his hair-do hasn’t got the biggest of profiles, he is certainly a talented heavyweight, one worth keeping an eye on.

But Chaney needs far stiffer tests than what he was presented with last night. Welliver actually apologised to the fans in attendance after he was pulled out with his damaged arm. He should have done that at the weigh-in for the fight.

Hopefully, Chaney will fight again soon (he barely broke a sweat last night) and hopefully he will be stepped up in terms of quality of opposition. A pro since April of 2015, Chaney has those fans who have seen him box wanting to see more of him. However, at age 33, Chaney might not have time on his side.