Andy Ruiz Says Tyson Fury Fight Is Official For July 22! Warren Says It’s Not!

By James Slater - 04/28/2023 - Comments

Just who will WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury fight next? Last week (or was it the week before last?) Fury teased us with news of an “absolute monster fight” that would be announced “very, very soon.” Since then, Andy Ruiz has placed a statement on his instagram page that reads “Tyson Fury vs Andy Ruiz is official! July 22.” And so, fans who had been wondering who Fury’s next foe would be, assumed the mystery had been solved.

But not so fast.

Just hours, if not minutes after the former heavyweight champ made his announcement, Fury promoter Frank Warren, speaking with UK trade paper Boxing News, said “not true” in regards to what the Mexican-American wrote.

So, although Ruiz MIGHT get the Fury fight this summer, it’s by no means official as of right now. And if Ruiz is not nailed on as Fury’s next dance partner, then just what was the “absolute monster fight” Fury was referring to? Fury has of course done this before: make a half-announcement that gets everyone wondering, before going silent again.

Will Fury even fight this summer? There have been reports of how Wembley Stadium has been booked for the dates July 15 and July 22, for the purposes of hosting a Fury fight, but let’s wait and see. One man who says he would be ready for Fury in July, should Fury want the fight, is Zhilei Zhang.

Zhang, who tells IFL TV that he has not been told anything yet with regards to whether or not Joe Joyce – who “Big Bang” of course stopped earlier this month – is going to activate the rematch clause he entered the ring with, is back from vacation, now waiting to see what his own next move will be.

But the towering Chinese southpaw is clear: he wants to fight Fury. And, as he said when speaking with IFL, Zhang’s team has spoken with Fury’s team.

“I just came back from vacation, so everything is fresh to me. I believe that my team has made communications with their team on the matter,” Zhang said with regards to a possible fight between himself and Fury. “Let’s do it Tyson. If you’re looking at July, I’ll be ready for you in July.”

At this point in time, nobody seems to know for sure what Tyson Fury is looking at in relation to his next fight.

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