Amir Khan To Take Return Fight With Brook?

By James Slater - 03/05/2022 - Comments

Though it would shock many people if it happened, nothing, not even a return fight between Kell Brook and Amir Khan, can be ruled out in today’s world. Khan, punished throughout the heavily hyped grudge-match with Brook, where he was stopped and seemed to have nothing left but his heart, entered the ring with a rematch clause. And if we can go by what Khan’s brother, Haroon Khan, has posted on social media, Khan may well exercise the rematch clause.

“It wasn’t the result we wanted. No excuses but that isn’t the way AK was that night but the heart he showed and what he gives to the fans is what matters. Bring on the rematch and let’s get things changed and get the win,” Haroon wrote alongside a photo of himself and Amir.

So is Haroon doing Amir’s talking for him, or is there really nothing much to the post? Khan himself has yet to make any official statement regarding his boxing future; if he even has one. But again, nothing seems to shock in the boxing world any longer and though it would certainly raise eyebrows, a Brook-Khan rematch would not be a jaw-dropper.

Fighters as we know have a tough, tough time seeing the obvious and admitting to themselves that they are finished. In this regard, Khan may well blame the loss to Brook on something (his being jet lagged perhaps) and convince himself he can do much better in a rematch. But would Khan ever be able to convince even a small share of the fans that he still has something to offer?

Who on earth would pay to see a Brook-Khan II? Khan should do the smart thing, indeed the only thing, and walk away and enjoy the vast fortune he earned from fighting the best in the ring. Khan could get badly hurt if he fought again.

All Khan needs to do to see sense is watch the Brook fight on video, and his own interview in the dressing room afterwards. Khan was every inch a shattered man and he said he no longer had the love for the sport. That interview pretty much said it all.