Alvarez-Angulo: Will Canelo bounce back from his loss to Mayweather?

By Brandi Miller - 03/04/2014 - Comments

(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) This Saturday on March 8th Canelo Alvarez will be taking on the hard hitting Alfredo Angulo. It will be Canelo’s first fight back since he suffered his first defeat at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. If there is any doubt in Canelo that he can’t make a successful comeback I’d suggest he erase those thoughts now. Angulo is slow but does pack a good punch and if he senses that Canelo is on the defense he will attack.

Canelo possesses power as well and I believe him to be the far more superior boxer than Angulo. Although I must admit that under the wing of Virgil Hunter Angulo seems to be improving. If Angulo has the right game plan going into Saturday’s fight we can see a very competitive fight between the two heavy hitters.

The name of the PPV is “Toe to Toe” which I’m pretty sure you can expect from round one as both fighters like to be offensive and come forward. Last year in September during the highest grossing boxing match ever Canelo couldn’t figure Mayweather out in order to get his offense going.

Mayweather basically neutralized everything Canelo wanted to do by giving him difficult angles and movement. His opponent this Saturday won’t make it so hard to find him. The question remains though of how well Canelo can take a punch, his chin has not been tested and we don’t know how he will hold up against Angulo. I expect Canelo to walk away with the victory and a possible stoppage.

If the fight goes the distance I will be surprised, this fight is just one where someone is going to touch the canvas maybe more than once. The fight takes place on Showtime PPV Saturday March 8th at 9pm. Make sure you tune in to see if Canelo will redeem himself or if Angulo will replace Canelo as the Mexican star of boxing.