Alen Babic Gives Us Another Wild One With Tough Win Over Balski – Boxing Results

05/22/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Alen Babic, campaigning at bridgerweight, gave us another hectic slice of wild and hugely entertaining action last night. Being taken the ten round distance for the first time in his career, Babic pounded out the decision win over a tough and dangerous Adam Balski. Both men unleashed some serious bombs on one another and though no-one could call last night’s fight a classic example of the skills of The Sweet Science, no-one can deny the raw excitement the fight brought.

Scores were an all over the place 97-91, 97-91, 95-93, and Babic is now 11-(10), while Balski falls to 16-2(9).

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Balski made the charging Babic pay in the opening session, as he dropped him with a shot to the top of the head. The war was on, as Babic, who always fights in a rage, came back and pounded on Balski however and whenever he could. Again, it wasn’t pretty but it was entertaining as hell. Babic has a good engine and he regularly chucks out a ton of leather. Last night’s fight was no different yet Babic took more than he ever has in return.

It was a slugfest and no fan who saw it could say they didn’t enjoy it. Babic was cracked by a shot that landed a split-second after the bell came to end the ninth round, and he was stunned. There was a point taken away from Balski as the tenth and final round began, with a time-out also called, and then the two warriors went at it, hammer-and-tongs, to the final bell. It was ovation-worthy stuff.

Babic, speaking after the fight with IFL TV, praised Balski as his toughest and most skilled opponent, while he said he wants Oscar Rivas next. Rivas is the WBC bridgerweight champ and Babic feels he is ready for the fight. “After I’ve had time to recover,” Babic said, referring to the punishment he shipped last night.

Can Babic become a world champion? His heart can never be questioned, and neither can Babic’s desire be questioned. Skills are a different thing, however, and as Eddie Hearn said, Rivas is a huge step up for Babic. One thing is certain though – Babic will give his all in an effort to dethrone Rivas. “It will be an absolute war,” Babic said. Amen to that.

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