Abel Sanchez: “Size-wise, Canelo would dominate Crawford”

By Vladimir S - 09/12/2023 - Comments

Boxing trainer Abel Sanchez, known for his insights into the sport we all love so dearly, spoke to Little Giant Boxing about Canelo vs Charlo, Bud Crawford & Gennadiy Golovkin. Here is what Sanchez had to say:

Canelo vs Charlo:

Abel Sanchez: “The first four or five rounds will be a little difficult for Canelo. Once he figures out the speed, it’s going to be a fight like the Plant fight—he’ll wear him down,” said Sanchez.

Why does he think Charlo will make an early impact? The trainer explains:

“Jermell is an exceptional fighter and has been the busier of the two brothers. He will give Canelo some difficulty, but Canelo will still beat him.”

The Crawford Question: Too Much or Too Little?

Switching gears, the conversation moved towards Terence Crawford. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Canelo and Crawford clashed in the ring?

Sanchez doesn’t mince his words:

“It shouldn’t happen. Moving up three weight divisions to fight a guy who just fought at 175 pounds? Doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Would it be a one-sided affair, then? Sanchez elaborates:

“It won’t be one-sided, Terence is too much of a great fighter for that to happen. But size-wise, Canelo would dominate.”

The Enigma of Errol Spence

Another hot topic? Earl Spence’s recent performance against Crawford. According to Sanchez, something wasn’t right:

“His eyes didn’t look good, he looked dehydrated; he just didn’t look like I’ve seen him before.”

Coaching changes are in the air for Spence, with Sanchez expressing disappointment if current coach Derrick James is indeed replaced.

Sanchez on Triple G: To Return or Not to Return?

Do you think age is just a number? Not necessarily, says Sanchez, when discussing Gennady Golovkin .

“What’s the sense of coming back and giving these guys a chance to make him look bad? He doesn’t have to.”

Are we bidding farewell to a great fighter?

Semi-Retirement and What’s Next for Sanchez?

Yes, you read it right. The man who has trained legends is semi-retired. But can one truly walk away from boxing?

“I may help him [Arson Gulamarian] for this next fight. When you work with someone for a long time, they become your children. It’s difficult to say no.”

Sanchez’s Legacy and Parting Words

There’s no doubt that Abel Sanchez has made his mark on boxing history. He’s produced world champions, and a Hall of Fame spot may not be far off.

“I appreciate all the attention. I’m humbled by people coming up to me and asking for pictures. I had a blessed career.”

Favorite boxing memory?

“Watching my fighters’ faces smile when they raise their hand. That’s what I’ll cherish the most.”

Watch the full interview:

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