A Marcos Maidana Comeback? Say It Ain’t So, “El Chino”

01/09/2019 - By James Slater - Comments

A video surfaced yesterday, showing a, shall we say, out of shape Marcos Maidana calling out everyone from Floyd Mayweather to Canelo Alvarez to Amir Khan. Inside a gym and working the pads, the Argentine warrior is wearing a vest and appears to be anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds over his best fighting weight; perhaps even more (Fight Hub put out the video). Now aged 35 and inactive for over four years, since his second decision loss to Mayweather, “El Chino” may or may not be serious, but he called for a third fight with Mayweather, as well as fights with Canelo, Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao.

It was widely thought the former WBA welterweight champ was happy and enjoying retirement; perhaps too much, what with those videos of a rich, content and overweight Maidana living the high life with whiskey and cigars (all of which he earned of course, his ring courage legendary). But now, unless he was merely joking in the short video (and maybe he was), we must wonder why he wants to make a ring return. Does Maidana, 35-5(31) need money? Did he live a little too high on the hog after picking up those two massive Mayweather paydays?

YouTube video

It’s interesting that Maidana called out Canelo, a middleweight/super-middleweight, as well as Khan and Pacquiao, both welterweights. Just what weight class is Maidana intending to return in if and when he does fight again? It is to be hoped Maidana does not fight again, that he does not need money. After piling on so much weight during his retirement, it would likely be a shell of a fighter who returned to the ring. Maidana was a superb aggressor during his 2009 to 2014 prime; a man who could also take it when fire was returned. Wins over Victor Ortiz, Erik Morales, Jesus Soto Karass and Adrien Broner showed what Maidana was capable of, while his war with Khan is an awesome fight- and some say Maidana pushed Mayweather harder than anyone else in that first fight in May of 2014.

But now, having been idle for so long, having put on so much weight, Maidana will never be able to regain the fire he once had. Again, let’s hope Maidana was just goofing around in the gym and is in no way really planning to fight again. It would be a shame if all that hard work was spoiled by an embarrassing loss.